Solar Panel Kits

The 100 watt solar panel kits can easily be considered the best choice of energy for your needs. This device will get lower cost for the everyday needs of energy, and this is also the great way if you are looking for the best device to generate the solar energy for some of household appliances such as the television, the computer, or even some of the lights inside your house; This is also the great choice of solar energy device which can be used to recharge the battery with specific energy of about 12 volt DC.

More on Solar Power Kits

When you are using this energy generating cell kit, you will always know that this is the best kit which can generate the powerful but quiet and clean solar energy which giving you many benefits. You may also take a look at the best solar energy device which can be set up easily, just like the solar panel of the Chicago electric because of the user friendly system. The panel kit of solar which can be found on this device has the energy around 15 watt, and it will directly connect this device with the storage batter on 12 Volt DC. This device is also using power inverter with the energy around 300 Watt, but you need to notice that the inverter will be separately sold. So, the collaboration of this 12 volt solar panel and the inverter is always able to give enough supply of solar power for your Air Conditioner device with the 120 Volt of energy if you really need to turn on this device everywhere you want. There are many advantages for this device that you really need to know, this solar panel kit is able to produce the quiet and also clean solar energy for around 15 Watt. This device also comes on a lightweight, and later you will know about the special construction with weatherproof. This is also the solar kit device which produces the solar cells with specific amorphous silicon and has the maximum output under the specific condition of bright and cloudy.

More Information about this Solar Panel System

The special solar panel systems also has the voltage regulator, and this is a kind of special regulator which has the most sophisticated LED display which will be very easy to be read by the users. You may also find other important features such as the socket with cigarette lighter concept on 12V, and you will always how this device connects directly with other devices by using the USB on 5V. It is also easy to find out the outlets which consists of 3, plus 6 and 9 DC and also the two sockets with the special construction since it also include the Light Kit with the 12V. Later, when you are using the 100 watt panel kits with solar energy you can also find out the mounting hardware. Actually, this hardware has 12V of the Light Kit, and the terminal clamps by using battery with the adapter for the universal DC power. You may also contact the store, if you really wish to get the special solar power kits for the residential areas and the personal use. The panels are considered as the primary component which giving enough supply of the solar energy. This device can be called as the panels or PV for the abbreviation of photovoltaic. This device is very well known with the best action to reduce the sunlight and even convert it into the electricity which always useful for the usage of household applications and more. This great device can be found from the high quality of the catalogue, and it created by the top notch manufacturers in the world such as Samsung, Solar Tech Power, Helios, SolarLand and many more. Even, it is always possible for you to purchase the solar modules from the trusted website just like Amazon which provide deluxe edition of this device for your garden, for your patio area and your lawn as well. So, this device can surely be used to give enough heat supply for your pool, and you can learn how to install it by reading the DIY installation which always easy and helpful for you. Some sellers also attached the special addition of rack mount kit and other important accessories.

Get the home solar module kits

You can also get the affordable home solar panel kits of solar with a very good price, so it will be about some products of cell producers such as the Canadian Solar or the Hyundai Solar and more. You may also take a look for the most robust product, and it is always possible that you purchase the top brands which promising you to provide the best and high quality of products. All the products are already reach the top standard of finest quality industry. Even it is also possible that the products of panel kits with solar energy get the special warranty up to 5 years. Don’t forget that you should have to check the solar inverters and get the best preferences for the customers. There will be many excellent choices of the inverters which will be needed for the commercial and also the residential projects. Don’t forget to see the complete choice of solar batteries, so it will always support your back up system and even it is also possible to contact the seller and get the special choice of the battery bank. There will be many excellent choices of the cycle batteries with the specific model of thicker plates to perform the action of both recharging and discharging. So, check out the complete accessories for the products of modules because of the many benefits which you may get after you are using this product for your daily needs. Check out the actual prices of this device, and you will know that this is such a useful device when you really need the extra energy from the best solar source which can be placed inside your house.

The Advantages of Using 100 watt Solar Module kit for Home

There are many reasons of why we should using Solar panels for home, and why should we reduce the consumption of fossil fuels.

Small solar panel systems are an unlimited free energy source

Why small solar panel systems have an unlimited source of energy? It’s simple, because solar panel kits using solar energy to generate electricity.

Solar energy is one of the great sources of energy. According to Wikipedia, the total energy absorbed by the Earth’s ocean, land, and the atmosphere is approximately 3.850.000 exajoules (EJ) per year, or 10.500.000 EJ per day. So, if we want to know how much energy we have got in one second, we got 121 EJ per second. That’s a huge potential energy source we can use for daily life. For your information, the energy consumed per year in the U.S. is only 94 EJ.

Home solar kits are easy to install and have relatively low maintenance costs

You can just place the home solar kit in your roof, or other place where you can get maximum exposure of the sunlight, connect it to a battery with some help from wire, and voila, your solar cells are ready to use. Just connect your devices to the battery, and then your devices are ready to use as well. At this point, maybe you ask yourself how much do solar panels cost?

About the maintenance, don’t worry, the battery, the wire, and the solar panels are durable. So, you do not need to frequently replace them. Unless you have pest problems, you don’t need to change your wire. The panels itself can be used for 10 to 20 years, and the battery can be replaced once in one or two years, depending on the needs.

Solar power kits for homes have very low noise

Just compare the solar panel kits’ noise with the generator set, and you will love the noise of the solar power cell. It will not disturb you and your family sleeps, because it has very low noise.

Solar modules, or other power kits are available for use with many applications.

You can use the electricity generated by the 12v solar cell kits to power your various devices. Like electric stove, water heater, and many more. Even today, although the users are not as much as conventional car, you can run the electric car with solar energy module too.

Cheap Solar panels are relatively safe, especially for your children

Normally, you place the cheap solar panel at high place, and the battery can be placed somewhere near the panels in your home. Both places are safe from the reach of children. Or, if you want to install in another place, make sure you place them in a safe place. Make sure there is no exposed wire, and make sure you have turned off your appliance when you leave your kids home alone.

What to do next

  1. Solar panel kits only generate D.C. current. So, make sure you have a list of your appliances that use D.C current.
  2. Consider how much energy you want to save each month, based to your list. And don’t waste your dollars too much for the energy you do not use. Unless if you consider buying more appliances that can use the Solar power system. For example, you only use 500 kWh per month for your appliances, so if you want to save 1000 kWh per month, it’s really a waste.
  3. Many commercial affordablesolar panel on the market are expensive. Don’t worry, my friend of mine, named Mike can show you how to make your own solar panel with a very low cost. You can visit him at
  4. Every solar panel generates various power output. Buy and/or build your solar panels as needed by considering your list, and your solar panel’s specification.

Where to Get the best Solar power generating Kits in 2017?

You can get the solar panel kits on your local electronic store. Mostly, it cost very much dollars. But if you want to save your dollars, you can make your own solar panel kits. Visit my friend, Mike at . He has a lot of videos to train you how to how to make solar panels. Not only that, you can also learn from him how to make a windmill, and the greatest part of his deals is he will coach you himself to help you how to make them.

The Definition about the best 100 watt solar panel

Basically, 100 watt solar panel is an integrated system to convert solar energy into electricity, to save it, and handles the electricity to be used for further use. So, beside the solar panel, which we use to convert solar energy into electricity, we also need:

  1. Some device which have to save the electricity (we do not want to unable to watch the TV show during night, winter, or overcast of course)
  2. Some device which can controls and manages how the electricity flows (you can imagine this device is like a faucet in your home watering systems).

Here is the list of devices we should have to build our 100 watt solar panel:

  1. Solar cell or solar panel. As we already know before, these devices convert the solar energy into electricity. The difference between them is the solar panel is a packaged, connected assembly of solar cells, but the function is still the same.
  2. Battery. This is the device we use to save the electricity. You can use as many as you need, but calculate wisely how many you need, by considering the capability of your solar panel (the efficiency and the power generated by it) and the number of devices you use. Miscalculation will lead you to bankruptcy (just a little hyperbolic of course).
  3. Solar Charge Controller. This is “the faucet” we use to manage our current flows. This is a very great device because it can cut the current from the solar panels when the battery is fully charged automatically. Also, solar charge controller can controls the charge saved from the battery to your electronic devices.
  4. Inverter (optional). Without this device, actually you can build your solar panel system. But the usage is limited only for devices using D.C. current. So, your A.C current devices will not work in this environment. Unfortunately there is so many of our home appliances use A.C. current. So, if you want to run your A.C. current devices, consider to spend a couple of bucks to buy an inverter.

Solar panels are one of the central components of a thermal solar system. They gain heat from the solar radiation, which is then available for various purposes: with it, the domestic drinking water is heated, heating water is heated in the storage, so the boiler has to work less, heats the pool or supports commercial industrial production processes.

To prevent confusion: Solar power kits are something different than solar modules. The former provide heat (here one speaks of solar thermal systems or thermal solar systems), the latter generate electricity (these are photovoltaic plants).

Solar cell kits are available in various designs on the market and cover all price and application areas: from the Solar panels for sale but efficient flat collector to the more expensive but powerful vacuum tube collector.

Vacuum tube collectors bring more yield at higher cost

Vacuum tube collectors differ from the flat collectors mainly by the named vacuum in the solar collector, which surrounds the absorber.

The absorber is located in an evacuated glass tube. The heat transfer medium flows either directly through the tube or the energy is delivered indirectly via a heat pipe system.

Heat losses are reduced to a minimum. This is a plus in the winter especially against the flat collectors. Solar panel kits in vacuum are more expensive than flat collectors, but they yield significantly higher yields and reach higher temperatures.

Specialist companies for solar systems help you with the purchase and planning of a solar system and advise you which solar cells kit is the most well suited for your installation.

Modern living now includes a comfortable interior as well as an environmentally friendly and efficient heating system. With solar systems you can get the sun directly into the bathroom and the living room.

The supply almost to the zero tariff is secured for years. And with a pure conscience, because the energy comes directly from the sun.

Hot water from the sun

The simplest system type provides hot water for kitchen and bathroom. By year, about 70% of the sun comes, the rest of the conventional heating. Four to six square meters of absorber area (glazed flat or vacuum tube collectors) in combination with a 400 to 500 liters of hot water storage space are sufficient for a four-person household. The solar system saves around 60,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) of energy and 25 tons of CO2 emissions during its service life of at least 25 years. In addition, it prolongs the service life of conventional heating, since it is no longer required to operate in the summer.

Heating with the sun

Plants for hot water and room heating supply the house with heat in spring and autumn and support heating in winter. This saves fuel costs and emissions. The solar system is coupled with a heater and a combination storage tank. For an average single-family house, approximately 10 to 15 square meters of collector area and a solar storage with about 1,500 to 2,000 liters of volume are needed. During its service life of at least 25 years, the plant generates around 120,000 kWh or 25 – 30% of the heat requirement and thus saves 50 tonnes of CO2. In the optimally isolated MINERGIE® house about 50% of the heat demand is denied by the sun; With correspondingly larger collector areas and storage volume, almost exclusively heating with solar energy is possible.

Solar swimming pool heating

An outdoor swimming pool without heating is just warm for three to four weeks in summer. However, swimming pool heating with oil, gas or electricity is only permitted in some cantons. The use of Flexible solar panels and solar pool absorbers is the cheapest and most effective way to use a swimming pool during the summer months as long as possible and comfortably. In the case of solar heated swimming pools, the water temperature increases by an average of four to seven degrees compared to unheated swimming pools. The required collector area corresponds approximately to the basin surface. Solar panels heating systems, which also support the heating of the room as well as the heating of the hot water, are ideal for the summer heating of the swimming pool.

The cost of a solar system consists of a collector, storage, regulation, connection lines as well as assembly and small material. In addition, it should be taken into account in the calculation that tax incentives and subsidies for the construction of solar plants are granted in many places.

Contributions to the promotion of solar energy

Various cantons and municipalities are contributing contributions for solar plants. Information can be found on the Swissolar website ( or the municipality at the place of residence. Energy suppliers (such as gas) also repeatedly launch promotion campaigns for new systems combined with solar energy.

Many roofs are suitable for solar panels kits

The highest yield of a solar system results from the south orientation. If the orientation is different, the yield is slightly reduced. The optimum angle of inclination is between 40 ° (DHW heating) and 60 ° (heating support). However, it is not absolutely necessary to have a south-facing roof for the efficient use of solar heat. The graph shows the percentage of optimum yield with different orientation of the collectors.

Combination stalem

Solar heat can easily be combined with other sources of energy that can be used in times of less sunshine, for example with:

A wood fire

A heat pump

A gas or oil heater with condensing technology

Solar hot water for laundry and dishes

If you supply your dishwasher or the washing machine with solar hot water, you save around 40% of costs and energy. A prerequisite is that the device is approved for hot water connection.

The contribution of the sun is all the more effective the smaller the energy requirement of the building is. This can be achieved by building or refurbishing according to the MINERGIE® standard.

The voluntary building standard with clearly defined target values ​​for low energy consumption and comfortable living. The use of renewable energies is recommended. MINERGIE-P®: The standard for even lower energy consumption. The use of renewable energies is mandatory.

The sun as heat and power supplier as for example the SOLAR POWERED PHONE CHARGER, that you can use to charge your phone anytime and anywhere.

If you want a plant for the extraction of heat and electricity, this can easily be realized. Many roofs and facades are suitable for this purpose. There are frame systems which are suitable for the optimal installation of both system types next to each other.

Solar power for heat pumps

The combination of solar panel kits plus heat pump results in all-round ecological heat generation, provided that solar power or equivalent green electricity is used for the drive.

Solar power shop

At least once a year the energy supplier is obliged to declare the origin of the electricity. Whom this composition does not delight may ask for solar power. More and more wind turbines now offer solar power.


The heart of a solar panel collector. Good absorbers convert more than 90% of solar radiation into heat.

Integration of collectors

Collectors can be easily integrated into new buildings or renovations. For flat roofs, they are mounted on a stand. Direct integration into the façade is also possible.

Key figures for solar plants

The “solar coverage” specifies the share of the annual energy demand that covers the solar system.

Solar panel kits

Capture the solar heat and transfer it to a heat carrier. There are three different designs: flat collectors, vacuum tube collectors and unglazed collectors.

Hot water storage or solar storage

A container for storing warm water. When domestic hot water is heated in a family house, this container holds 400 to 500 liters. Fist rule: per square meter of collector area 100 liters of storage. The stored heat meets the demand of at least two days.

Efficiency of solar collector

Specifies the proportion of the solar energy that is applied to the collector into usable heat. In addition to the collector efficiency, it also depends on the intensity of the solar radiation, the ambient temperature and the temperature of the heat carrier.

Additional heating / after-heating

Brings the hot water to the desired temperature during longer periods of bad weather. This can be the existing boiler or an electric heating insert in the solar storage.

The solar system works according to a simple principle: the radiated solar energy is converted into heat by the collector. This is transported to the heat exchanger via a heat transfer medium (water / antifreeze mixture) in well insulated pipelines using a circulating pump and transferred to the still cold water of the storage tank. The medium cooled over the heat exchanger flows back into the collector. An electronic control unit continuously compares the temperature in the collector with the coldest temperature at the bottom of the tank and starts the pump as soon as it is warmer in the collector than in the tank. Due to the installation of an additional heating, sufficient warm water is available even with low solar radiation.


The other basic equipment of the system is a thermometer in the supply and return pipes, which are best installed near the tank. The expansion vessel compensates for changes in the volume of the liquid at changing temperatures and thus maintains the operating pressure uniformly. The gravity brake prevents the backflow of the heat upwards to the collector when the system is at a standstill and thus prevents the hot water from cooling off. An overpressure valve ensures that liquid can evaporate if the operating pressure is too high. In the solar circuit a venting valve is necessary to guarantee the escape of air in the pipes. In the case of a heating-assisted system, a combi storage tank is usually used: the boiler for drinking water is integrated into the heating accumulator.

Solar energy is well suited for the preparation of hot water. For this purpose, a solar collector (or often a group of several collectors) is connected to a circulation system for the solar liquid with a small circulating pump and a hot water storage tank (solar storage tank). With the help of at least two temperature sensors and a small electronics, the circulating pump is switched on as long as the temperature in the collector is high enough so that heat can be released to the accumulator. The circulated solar liquid passes through a heat exchanger in the tank, which keeps it separate from the drinking water to be heated.

If the accumulator can be mounted above the collectors, a simple gravity system can sometimes be implemented: even without a circulating pump, the water circulates solely because of the temperature differences as soon as the collector is heated. However, such a thermosiphon system has some disadvantages, in particular the risk of frost.

Solar panels are usually built for pure water heating with 1.5 to 2 m2 of collector area per person in the household. They are thus dimensioned in such a way that they generate more heat than is required on sunny summer summers. Excess heat then either evaporates at the collector or is sometimes discharged via a geothermal heat pump of a heat pump heater. In summer, the majority of the hot water requirements are covered by the collector system. In winter, however, heat generation often does not suffice as the solar radiation decreases, the heat losses of the collector increase, and the heat demand for the hot water increases slightly due to the colder conduction water. Therefore, additional heat from the heating system is then required, which can be delivered to the accumulator, for example, via a second heat exchanger. This heat is often supplied in the upper part of the reservoir; The lower part remains cold, so that later sun hours can be used.

The affordable solar panels storage is usually designed to store two to three times the daily hot water requirement. For example, a four-person household might need 200 liters of hot water per day, and the storage could hold 400 to 600 liters.

In winter, the required additional heat can often be obtained relatively efficiently, whereas the operation of, for example, a boiler in summer is often extremely inefficient for hot water supply. A solar system thus saves not only the heat of the hot water, but also the standby losses of the boiler. In the case of older boilers, these can even be higher than the amounts of heat for the heating of the water. In this case, even more fuel oil can be saved by the solar system than the amount of heat generated by the collectors.

Energetically even more favorable is to heat the solar storage not additionally with natural gas, but rather the hot water if necessary in a separate water heater, eg with natural gas after. (There are gas condensing boilers that contain such a continuous flow heater.) Then the whole storage volume can be used for solar panels heating, and storage losses occur only as long as solar energy is stored. The only disadvantage is that the capacity of the flow heater can set a limit for the amount of hot water available per minute. For example, only a maximum of two people can shower at the same time.

It is not recommended to generate the required additional heat with an electric heating element in the hot water tank or with an electric water heater. The energy efficiency of the entire system thus suffers from the low efficiency of the elec – trical heaters, for example, that a system with a domestic hot water pump would already be better – with massive installation costs at the same time.

On a yearly basis, solar water heating typically covers about half of the energy requirement for hot water. However, the heating requirements of the building can be much higher in the case of poor thermal insulation of the building so that the total consumption of fuel oil or natural gas may decrease by as much as 10%.

Control of hot water temperature

In principle, a solar system could be operated in such a way that the circulating pump is no longer used when a sufficient high temperature of the hot water storage tank is reached. The excess heat would then evaporate at the collectors. It is customary that the hot water storage tank can be heated up to, for example, 95 ° C. in good weather conditions. However, the water so heated can not reach directly to the dispensing points, since one could scald with it. It must be mixed with a cold water to a temperature of 60 ° C, for example, by means of a thermostatic hot water mixer. With this strategy, much more heat can be stored in the memory for poorer days.

– Heating support

Many thermal solar systems are used for heating as well as heating. They usually work with a larger collector area and typically cover around 20 to 30% of the total heat requirement in a low-energy house. While virtually all of the hot water requirements are covered in the summer, production at other seasons is more likely to be heating at a lower temperature level, thus improving the yield of the collectors.

There are also solar heaters which cover a much higher proportion of energy requirements. However, this requires further measures, which the article on solar panels heating explains.

– Recommendations

Most economically, solar systems for multi-family houses are not too large. In winter, the domestic water can be at least pre-heated with solar energy; A boiler or a heat pump takes over the remaining heat requirement. By supplying several apartments, the cost per apartment is significantly lower. Excessive interpretation of the system can lead to cost-effectiveness; It is possible to generate mainly larger heat surpluses in the summer, which can not be used without, however, the duration of the solar full supply can be considerably extended.

If a larger part of the solar heat requirement is to be covered, a solar panels heating support can be provided in conjunction with an enlarged collector surface. Especially when the heating system has to be replaced anyway, this option is suitable.

As a supplement to a heating heat pump, a solar system is normally not amortizable financially, since the heat pump already operates quite efficiently and cost-effectively. It still has an ecological advantage.

Under no circumstances should a solar heater be reheated with an electric heating element, since such a system would be less efficient than a domestic hot water pump, despite a much higher cost. An exception can be made for occasional stronger heating for the prevention of legionella.


Can more energy be saved by another investment?

Before a solar installation is installed, it should be checked whether other measures would not be more meaningful, that is, give more energy savings for less money. In this case, one should not only focus on alternative possibilities for hot water production, such as a domestic hot water pump; There are also other options, such as improved insulation of the building, possibly replacing old windows. However, it may happen that state subsidies make the installation of a solar energy system more attractive, even where other solutions would be more cost-effective. The use of renewable energies can also be a factor for the solar system.

If a solar panel kit is available, this should be used as much as possible by connecting the washing machine and the dishwasher to the hot water supply. However, only some models of washing machines have a hot water connection, while dishwashers can usually be connected without problems; The purchase should be paid attention. The advantage of a hot water connection is that the internal electric heating rod is hardly needed anymore and the power consumption of the machine is then much lower.