12 volt solar panel

If you are interested in energy provided by sun, you are probably gathering information about it on internet. In that case you are sure to come across 12v solar panel. That term might have confused you, but it is nothing to worry about.

12 volt solar panel kits term is used for solar panel which is able to charge 12v battery in worst environment possible. That means that no matter how bad things are outside, no matter if there is little sun or anything, that solar panel will be able to charge 12v battery.

In order to do so, solar panel must produce at least 13.6V. That is lowest amount of energy that solar panel will ever produce. The maximum energy that solar panel can produce is usually around 17V. Since this difference in productivity 13.6-17V, you must be careful with solar panel. It’s obvious that you shouldn’t plug it directly in a battery.

To successfully use the energy from solar panels, you need to plug them in solar regulator which will accept their voltage and then output safe amount of voltage to battery. On that way you will not create any damage and your battery will be fully charged.

The number of solar panels you need is determined by the amount of charge that you need to return to your solar energy system during the sunlight hours of each day. For a mentioned, 12 V system, if you need to replace 100A/h of charge to your batteries each day, and you have 8 sunlight hours in each day you will need:        100AH x 12V = 1200WH

1200WH / 8H = 150W

Correct calculation will make sure that no mistake will be made. After everything is calculated, you can also contact the professional sun energy company for more advices. On that way you can simply relax because everything will be ok.

Now that you understood what is a solar panel, you can continue to explore the world of the renewable sun energy. That is the world which always keeps to expand. Innovations are created very often and all that in order to help humanity. Current energy sources are very bad for our planet, that fact can easily be seen in global warming and all other natural disasters. The sun energy is already defined as the energy of the future and only thing left to make that happen is to make people aware of how important it is and of course, to keep improving it because there is so much space for improvements.

People want to use the solar energy system because it helps them save thousands of dollars on their bills each and every year. With this system, you can heat and cool your home for less than half the cost of traditional heating and cooling methods and systems. It is obvious that the decision to go solar is a wise choice. Who wouldn’t want to cut their utility bills in half? After all, when your utility bills are cheap, you save a fortune and more money is put into your pockets. People are always looking for money-saving solutions and using solar power energy is one of the best solutions out there.

There are so many different reasons why people choose to go solar. If you can save thousands of dollars without having to put out a dime, why wouldn’t you? In particular, if you live in the San Jose, California area, San Jose Residential Solar Power can be installed in your home, specifically by Verengo Solar which is a company devoted to helping you save thousands of dollars on your utility bills each month. After installing a solar system into your residential area, you will be completely shocked to see the cost of all your new bills. The cost of your utility bills will definitely decrease dramatically. And, the decrease will not be slight, it will not just be a few dollars of a difference. Instead, you will see a dramatic reduction of hundreds of dollars that you used to have to put toward your bill. Can you imagine getting a bill in the mail for only $7? Especially when you compare them to your old bills which were probably costing you a fortune. In fact some of your old bills may have cost you $200 or even more. Solar power is an obvious smart choice to make.

If it was not for the sun, we would not be here today.  The sun has been an essential part of life since the very dawn of life.  Today, it continues to sustain us in unique ways we would never have imagined.  The human race has come to rely on fossil fuels to generate electricity so we can live the modern lives we are used to.  The fact that many people are not aware of, is how quickly we are burning through those fuels, with no regards to what we will do when they are gone.  Luckily, solar power is in place and ready to hold the power torch higher and brighter than ever before.

A common allure of San Jose Solar Panels for Your Home is the fact that by owning one of these affordable systems, you will save thousands of dollars that would have been wasted on utility bills.  Eliminating these monthly burdens helps families as well as individuals regain control of their financial lives.  A solar energy system can be had for $0 down, and with significantly lower monthly payments than average utility bills.  This means you can pay far less to own a system that you own and that will save enormous amounts of money.  Add the value that it adds to your home and the many government incentives, and you have a package that you cannot afford not to own.

Besides being a perfect option for powering modern homes, solar power can also be extremely beneficial for business owners.  One factor that commonly brings down profit is the high overhead costs from electricity, heat, and hot water.  By installing photovoltaic panels, a business owner can eliminate these strenuous costs and make money from a clean slate.  Solar panels also give a business a solid name, as it shows that they care more about our environment.  For a modern and progressive business, solar power is a must.

Today, solar power for homes is the absolute best option.  We are quickly approaching the end of a flawed system, and thankfully the sun is available to pick up our slack.  We have already caused significant damage to our environment, but it is not too late if we make a conscious choice to switch to solar energy.  The time to act is now before it is too late and the damage done is irreversible.

Keep exploring more about 12v solar panels, find new things and start using energy that is already all around us, make a choice to make a use of it instead of letting it go to waste!

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