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Best Solar Lanterns for Camping and Outdoor – Top Reviews in 2017 September 13, 2017
Best Solar Lanterns for Camping and Outdoor in 2017

  • AGPtek Solar Lantern 5 Mode Chargeable Lantern
  • 36 LED for operation life up to 100,000 hours
  • 8 Hour Battery Life
  • 5
    Brightness Modes

  • d.light S20 Solar Rechargeable LED Ultra Bright Water Resistant Camping Light
  • 8 Hour Battery Life
  • 1 Brightness Modes
  • Suaoki LED Collapsible Water-Resistant
    Camping Light
  • Max Luminous Flux is 65 lm
  • 10 Hour Battery Life
  • 3 Brightness Modes

  • Bigfoot Outdoor Products Hiking Solar Lantern with Go Bag
  • Max Luminous Flux is 65 lm
  • 10Hour Battery Life
  • 3
    Brightness Modes

How to buy solar powered lanterns? What Features are Most Important?

Multiple-Charging Methods

While some of the best solar lantern models will charge up in sunlight in just 7-8 hours, most will take longer. Therefore, it is not advisable to always rely on solar power to charge up your lantern. Ideally, your lantern should be chargeable with solar
power, through a wall socket, with disposable batteries and even by methods like mechanical cranking that will use a dynamo to charge up your lantern! Additionally, look for solar powered camping lantern models that can also be charged with a car charger.

Energy consumption

While some solar lanterns can be very bright, they can run out of juice very quickly. When it comes to lanterns that you use for camping, it is better to have a lantern that isn’t so bright but lasts long than to have a very bright lantern that dies
out quickly. For starters, only pick out solar lanterns that use LED bulbs as they consume very little power. Another energy saving feature that will help prolong the life of a solar lantern is multiple brightness modes. You will ideally want to dim down
a lantern to very low light when you want to save power, to crank up the brightness when you really need it. In other words, don’t buy lanterns that only come with a constant light option as they don’t give you any flexibility to prolong battery life,
with intelligent usage. Also look for lanterns that have SOS or strobe modes, so you can signal an emergency with flashing light, should the unfortunate need arise.

ImageProduct nameStarsAmazon offerRead review
Solar Lantern, AGPtek 5 Mode Hand Crank Dynamo 36 LED Rechargeable Camping Lantern Emergency Light, Ultra Bright LED Lantern - Car Charge - Camping gear for Hiking Emergencies Hurricane Outages★★★★★
Suaoki Led Camping Lantern Lights Rechargeable Battery (Powered By Solar Panel and USB Charging) Collapsible Mini Flashlight for Outdoor Hiking Camping Tent Garden Patio(Emergency Charger for Phone, Water-Resistant, Orange)★★★★★
Bigfoot Outdoor Products Compact Solar Camping Lantern with USB PowerBank Great for Camping, Hiking & Go Bag - Best Camping Lantern - Best Solar Lantern - Best Emergency Light★★★★★
MPOWERD Luci Outdoor - Inflatable Solar Light★★★★★

Can it charge devices?

Some solar powered lanterns double up as power banks. Look for 5 V DC ports that can charge devices at 2.1 A or 1A. Most solar LED lantern models will only be able to charge at 1 A output but is nevertheless a very nice and important feature to have.

Build quality

Anything that is going to be predominantly used outdoors will require a solid build. The last thing you want is to trip and fall while holding your lantern to be left in complete darkness. Look for shatter proof builds and also water resistance. Not
all models might have them but it would be wise to buy one with such features, even if it costs a little extra. Other ergonomics in build quality also need to be paid attention to. For example, the lantern should have a sturdy hanging clip that you can
hang on something in your tent or even on your person or backpack, as you walk along. Some lanterns also come with a clever compressible design that you can collapse and use like a handheld flash light with directional light, to later expand and use it
as a lantern that throws out 360° light. Now that you know what all features you can expect in a solar light for camping, let’s look at some very popular models that are being sold on Amazon.

AGPtek Solar Lantern 5 Mode Chargeable Lantern

At just around the $20 mark, this is a fantastic solar lantern to choose if you need a lantern that you can charge with electricity, batteries and also with manual cranking.
In fact, this is the only solar lantern that can produce 20 minutes of light with just 1 minute of easy cranking. That is just an unbeatable feature as you are essentially just a minute away from light as long as you can crank out some RPMs
on the lever of this lantern. In addition to cranking charge a wall socket charging capability, this model can also be charged with a car adapter as well. It uses 36 LED bulbs to throw out 360° light. The lantern can be set to throw light
in two modes. One is a super bright mode that will allow a group of people to use the light. The other is a normal brightness mode that is great for reading or just sitting around for regular activities like eating or just hanging out with
fellow campers. The lantern is made out of a durable ABS plastic with a classic looking black matte finish. The housing material and globe is however just plastic but they are also pretty durable and will survive small falls. The downside
to this is that the lantern isn’t weatherproof. You can’t really use it in the rain but some people work around this by using it while inside of a clear plastic bag, as light throw is still pretty good. When set on high, the lantern can throw
out 240 Lumens of light. When on low, it throws out 120 Lumens of light. The manufacturer claims that the lantern can last 20 hours on low mode and 12 hours on high mode, when on a full charge. It would be safe to knock off the usual 40% from
manufacturer claims to decide if this is the kind of battery life you are looking for, when trying to buy solar powered camping lights.

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d.light S20 Solar Rechargeable LED Ultra Bright Water Resistant Camping Light

For the sub $20 price, this lantern has resistance to water built into its design. It is also made with pretty rugged plastic that will survive a lot of throwing around. The
manufacturer claims that the light will last up to 8 hours on a full charge, in low mode. The d.light can be charged with solar power or through a USB powered wall charger. The product comes with a surprisingly long 2 year warranty, something
that you don’t see very often for a product priced this cheap. The lamp is extremely light, weighing in at just 0.57 lbs. The lamp has two brightness modes that you can toggle between, to conserve the life of the battery. The strength of light
isn’t very strong on this model however. At high, it probably throws out only about 50 Lumens of light that won’t let you share the light with a group. It can however provide more than enough light for a single person or for a single tent.


Suaoki LED Collapsible Water-Resistant Camping Light

If you are the type that are very particular about having compact possessions, this collapsible series of solar powered camping lights will be a fantastic choice. When extended,
it looks like a mini-lantern. When collapsed, it can fit in the palm of your hand, like a flashlight. This is a great solar lantern to buy if you are someone who needs light while always on the move around a campsite. Also a great choice if
you like to smartly pack your backpack, without a lot of deadweight and large footprint items. It can be charged with solar power or with a USB wall charger. The rechargeable batteries used in this lantern are protected against over-charging,
short circuits and even against over-discharging, thereby ensuring longevity of lamp and battery life. In high mode, this lantern throws out 65 Lumens of light. In low mode, it throws out about 25 Lumens of light. On high with a full charge,
the lantern can last 5 hours. On low, it can last around 10 hours. It takes about 4 hours to fully charge, with a wall socket powered USB adapter. At just 190 grams, you will hardly feel it in your hands.

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Bigfoot Outdoor Products Hiking Solar Lantern with Go Bag

Like the Suaoki light just described above, this Bigfoot line of solar powered camping lantern models come with a collapsible design. It provides 10 hours of LED light on a
single charge. The high light mode sends out 65 Lumens of light while low mode throws out 25 Lumens of light. It also has a SOS light feature that you can use during emergencies. This too can be charged both with solar power as well as through
a wall plugged USB charger. The solar charging on this device is pretty efficient. Just one hour of solar charging can provide 15 minutes of light on high and 30 minutes of light on low. When charged with a wall USB powered charger, it can
fully recharge in 4-6 hours. On a full charge, the lantern can glow with bright high light for 5 hours and low light for 10 hours.


YIEASY 4 Pack Solar Lantern Camping Pack with Collapsible Design

For less than $30, you get a 4 pack of solar lanterns with very nice features. For one, each of the 4 solar camping light models that you get in this pack can be collapsed down
to a height of just 5.3 inches. Even when extended, they are just 10 inches tall, making it very easy to carry around. The construction uses a tough ABS plastic material that is pretty durable when it comes to falls and bumps. The 800 mAH
battery charges up with a USB powered wall charger in just 3 hours. The lantern doesn’t have lighting modes but you can dim the lights by collapsing the lantern a little, should you want mood lighting or just a mild reading light instead of
the full light. At high, this solar powered camping lantern can put out 90 Lumens of impressive light. Like we said earlier, there is no low light mode. You just need to collapse the lantern until the desired low light is achieved. This however
won’t give you energy savings. At just about $9 a lantern when you break down the cost of a 4 pack, this is a fantastic purchase if you are buying lanterns as a camping group.

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MPOWERD Luci Outdoor Inflatable Solar Light

With just 7 hours of sunlight powering the lantern for 12 hours, this solar powered camping lanterns series is one of the most efficient models when it comes to solar power
conversion efficiency. What makes this all the more impressive is that it is IP67 certified, meaning that it can even withstand submersion in water! Since it is inflatable, it is the perfect solar powered camping lanterns to have if you are
going to be kayaking in the dark or the late evenings, when light is quickly fading. It is incredibly light with a weight of just 4.4 ounces, making it one of the lightest solar powered camping lights out there. The designers cleverly built
two straps into its design, at the top and the bottom, so you can hang it in innumerable ways, for convenient light. This is also one of the few solar power camping lantern models to come with a 1 year warranty. The three light modes are super
bright, bright and SOS. It also has a low battery life indicator light that will come in very handy when you are about to lose battery juice, so you can charge it up with a wall charger or with solar power.


So, there you have it, a quick summary of the most popular solar powered camping lanterns. Choose one that will best suit your needs. Maybe you need bright light, something
very portable or something that utilizes solar power very well. At least one of the solar lanterns outdoors models will solve many or all of those purposes that you are looking for.