Flexible Solar Panels

The thing is flexible solar powered cells are still a bit expensive, and still don’t offer maximum flexibility as they could, you can’t fold the panels like a sheet of paper and put them in your pocket but I have seen them hugging the shell of boats and even cars. Flexible solar panels got me drooling when I first heard about them, imagine being able to put a sheet of solar cells in your backpack and power your laptop from anywhere on the planet.

A folding solar panel kit has a huge advantage at sea over a typical rigid solar panel, imagine the forces involved out at sea and in a Hurricane!!

Flexible Solar Panels

Though I keep away from deep oceans and Hurricanes I can see the attraction of sailing and not hearing a diesel engine to push you along and charge batteries, solar powered panels are the way to go at sea and solar kits would be my first choice, after all if you can afford a boat you can afford a few solar power cells too.

The flexible solar panels for sale on the market today are only a few millimeters thick and only weigh a few hundred grams, or a couple of ounces.

So a huge benefit if weight is an issue, and in many sports including sailing weight is looked at and cut whenever possible.

Flexible solar Panels

Flexible and Unconventional Solar Panel kits

Cars can also benefit from malleable solar panels; glued onto the bodywork with a very strong adhesive they could theoretically cover the entire surface of the car, putting energy into the batteries while you are shopping or at work,

When electric cars really take off be prepared to see manufacturers building these into the bodywork, or companies selling glue your own solar panel kits.

I can’t wait to see a car wrapped in solar cells that will look awesome and be practical too.

Even if the car were damaged in a crash, the panels would be easy to replace.

Foldable solar powered panels will make it into the camping market too, they are already used on some RVs and caravans, even on backpacks, but no one has yet to make a really solar panel that can be put into your pocket, but I expect nano technology and demand from consumers who want their tablet or phone powered anywhere to drive innovation.

I would really like to see a solar paint being developed, so all you would need to do is paint an object and connect some terminals and have a ready made solar generating station. This is not so far away; nano technology will truly transform our lives beyond recognition.

They can be so portable that they can be carried during class, while on out of town trips, camping, shopping, traveling to remote places and even while mountain climbing.

Thin solar cells generate electricity from the energy coming from the sun through the photovoltaic effect, which creates voltage or electric current when exposed to the sun. They are usually made of crystalline silicon or cadmium telluride.

Solar-powered panels can be incorporated in a backpack which can generate electricity even in indirect sunlight. They can be used to charge cellular phones, battery chargers or GPS units. They are very lightweight and can be carried anywhere. Flexible solar powered kits in a backpack are very useful to students, business people, travelers or even military men who are always on the go and need to charge their electronic devices while in the middle of nowhere.

Solar panel kits with high flexibility can also be incorporated in portable pockets. They can be stored in bags, in the car or even under one’s clothes. They are smaller and lighter than the backpack version although they both serve the same purpose. With the solar power receptors in mini pockets, they can be folded and put away when no longer needed.

Flexible solar panels for sale

Those foldable solar panels that you get on sale can also be incorporated in jackets. They can also charge electronic devices like battery chargers, GPS units, cellular phones and other electronic devices. This is best for use during the cold season or for those who often wear jackets like law enforcers.

Light powered panels with increased flexibility can also be incorporated in a woman’s purse. The purse functions like any other woman’s purse. The only difference is that it can charge electronic devices because the solar panels in it. This works well for women who are always on the go because it provides convenience when in need to charge cellular phones and other electronic devices.

Solar kits have slim substrates that can be folded or flattened which make them portable and flexible unlike the standard solar panel kits. With these types of solar converters, one has to be in a specific place where these panels can receive plenty of sunlight. They can also be used in indirect sunlight but it will take longer to charge those small electronic devices. They are useful for people who travel a lot.

The biggest benefit of malleable solar panels is that they can be used in places where it would be impractical to install those standard solar power receptor cells.

Electricity is available for charging electronic devices in just about anywhere. To top it all off, these solar powered cell does not harm the environment. They do not emit deadly fumes and do not create noise. And best of all, they generate free electricity. These solar panels are easy to use yet very powerful sources of electricity. They can also serve as backup electricity when power lines break for whatever reason.



The financial crisis seems to be unstoppable which makes most people to be more practical when it comes to spending money. Everyone is trying hard to find alternatives to alleviate their expenses. This is also one of the very reasons why people opt to have their own solar powered panel kits  at home for this very significant purpose. Why do people really need to have these type of energy source? … below are the advantages of using solar panels with increased flexibility .


Advantages of Solar Panels with increased flexibility.

Money Saver

The sun is a long lasting solar sources of energy that can be utilized almost anywhere. Solar panel collects solar energy from the sun and process it into useful forms of energy to produce power and electricity. It can effectively power up entire home appliances, facilities and other motorized or powered devices without worrying about your electricity bills.

Probably, anybody will say that Flexible solar kits  are very costly. The initial costs needed to make it more efficient appears not too practical. However, to sum up all the expenses a person has been paying for its monthly electricity bills, solar panel massive investment is a shrewder choice… and so using solar power does really make sense.

Energy Saver

Solar energy is an infinite free energy. You can use it 100% free beyond your initial installation and maintenance. It doesn’t require expensive raw materials like coal or oil to function. It requires only lower costs for conventional power generation and operational labor.

Using solar energy cells  reduces all the costs directly and indirectly. You are not only conserving the other conventional energy sources like fossil fuel, coal and all other non-renewable sources of energy but also human energy for the solar semiconductors ensure all the work.

Nature and Environmental Friendly

The utilization of solar power help moderates the usage of fossil fuels that commonly cause greenhouse gases. Solar energy does not release any greenhouse gases, in fact it negates any gas,smoke,or other substances as by-product. As everybody might not know, solar power is the main driving factor behind all eco-friendly energy technology like the Montalto di Castro solar park in Italy. The solar park lessens about 20,000 tonnes of carbon emissions every year.

Climate change, being associated with the greenhouse effect, is one of the global issues that the world is facing today. There are different things which affect this kind of phenomenon including massive pollution and the extreme exploitation of nature and the environment. Most people today are very much into latest appliances which uses electricity from power plants. If you want to save the future of your children’s kids, you should have Flexible panels  at home. This is a very cost-effective source of energy since you will just spend the money in installing the panels and after which you will save a lot.

If you are looking for cost- effective way to have electricity… If you are an environmentalist and do care about the future, you can use solar panels  to generate solar energy  and use it as the main source of energy you are using at home. Solar power is a renewable source of energy. It is also very easy to maintain and last for a long time.

Imagine life without monthly expensive electric bills to pay… a life which is healthy and secure…  a life which is free and enjoyable to live! Flexible solar kits  can certainly bring you the life you are very keen of having!



Flexible energy generating Cells are made with complex technology but based on simple techniques.

It’s surprising how few people who fit solar panels to their homes actually understand how the technology works. It’s fairly obvious that the panels collect the sun’s energy in some way and convert it to power we can use in our homes, but beyond that it seems somewhat of a mystery. In this article we’ll take a look at how the solar cells are used to create energy which reduces your bills and generates you money as well as power!


How do flexible solar cells actually work?

What Solar Energy Cells Actually Do?

Whilst we said it was surprising that many home owners don’t know how their panels work, it’s astonishing how few installers know anything more than how to bolt them to your roof and connect them up. Of course, they don’t really need to know any more, but you’d think they’d take an interest!

The term PV cell is short for photovoltaic cell, and it’s the type of solar panel which is most popular with home owners looking to see a return on their green energy investment by way of the feed in tariff scheme. PV cells are actually based on a remarkable simple concept, and that is that when sunlight shines on thin layers of silicon, an electrical charge is generated.

When you choose a system, you will need to select its power, measure in kilowatts. This is most often referred to as its rating, so you might hear solar panel installers refer to a four kilowatt rated system. In this case, when running at full capacity, you would see four kilowatts of electricity being generated by the system.

The Hottest Days Aren’t The Best Days For the average Solar Power cell with high flexibility

Capacity is a complex thing to optimise with flexible panels, not least because it’s not quite as simple as the brighter the sun shining on them the more they produce. As we pointed out a moment ago, systems have a maximum rating, but there’s also another consideration similar to overheating. Once a panel reaches a certain temperature, the efficiency begins to decrease, meaning that your panels will work less well if it gets too hot.

Manufacturers have developed a solution to this problem with thermal solar panel technology being integrated into some of the more expensive panels which work by allowing a liquid gel to be heated and circulated down into the home’s hot water system. This provides two benefits, firstly it directly heats the water, and secondly, because the gel absorbs the heat in the solar panel, it reduces the risk of overheating and allows the optimal performance of the solar panel’s PV cells on hot days.

When Can’t Solar Cells with high flexibility Be Used?

You might also have heard of solar tiles that are used in place of panels. These are popular in parts of the country where solar panels might be considered ugly, and detrimental to the appearance of a building. This can also be a good alternative if you live in a listed building, as this might get around restrictions on modifying the appearance of the property. They use exactly the same techniques of electrical fields being created by sunlight on silicon (or similar) thin layers, but are build into the tiles. In essence the installation is similar to re-tiling a roof, but obviously there will be a requirement to ‘wire in’ the tiles into the electrical system of the house.

So How Does The Power From The flexible solar cells Reach My Home’s Electricity Supply?

Now that you have an understanding of how the panels work, let’s briefly examine how the power gets to your appliances, and what remains unused gets out into the National Grid.

Your panels will be connected to a device called an inverter. Very simply this will convert the direct current from the flexible power kits to the alternating current used in your home. In other words, your panels work on (create) DC power and your homes electrical system is AC power.

Keeping Track Of The Energy You Create, And How Much You Use

You also have meters to track the creation of power, and how much is used in the home. This allows you to know how much you are due from feed in tariffs, and the difference between the two reflects what you sell to the grid and earn your export tariff from.

Solar technology has taken years to reach this point, but is still based on relatively simple concepts. The advantage today over a decade or two ago is that the price has now fallen to the point where the savings on bills and the income from incentives has finally become an attractive proposition.


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