Easy-to-Install, High Quality Solar Power Systems


30 Year Power Guarantee - Longest in industry.

Three decades guaranteed. With the longest power guarantee in the business you will see years of worry-free power generation and an assured return on your investment. Our signature modules 30 year power performance guarantee offers uncompromised reliability for decades to come.

10 Year Product Warranty

With MAGE SOLAR USA modules you get a full decade of assurance.

A solar panel is only as good as the amount of power that is guaranteed to come out of it...And the company that stands behind it! By partnering with MAGE SOLAR USA as your complete solar solution provider, you too can benefit from 40 years of global experience and expertise.

25% More Energy For Less Costs
  • Producing up to 25% more energy than alternative systems
  • Industry leading 30 year, 80% power guarantee on module encompassing
  • attached micro-inverter
  • Reduces upfront costs by eliminating costly inverters, installation material
  • and complex system designs
Easier, Faster, Safer
  • Plug and Play - simplifies installation process
  • Faster installation - saving you time and money
  • Safer installation and ownership by eliminating the danger of high voltage DC
Module Level Energy Monitoring
  • Web-based management system for 24/7 monitoring
  • Monitor real-time operating performance of every AC module
Flexible Design
  • Ideal for homes, small businesses, parking canopies, etc.
  • Suitable for any rooftop - even complex or shaded
  • Increase your system size when you want it, when you need it –
  • module by module

Number of Cells : 60
Solar Cell Type : Polycrystalline
Power Class : 255 WP

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More Power. Longer
  • With our 30-year, 80% power guarantee, you can be assured top-production for three decades
  • Industry leading 12 year, 90% power guarantee
Premium Quality & High Efficiency
  • Premium quality = lowest cost of guaranteed power
  • High module efficiencies up to 15.67%
  • Only positive tolerances ensure maximum power without compromise
Quality Tested, Service Assured
  • Certified by the most rigorous US and International standards
  • 10-year product warranty
  • Certified to withstand static loads up to 5400 Pa
  • Free from PID (Potential Induced Degradation)

Number of Cells: 60
Solar Cell Type: polycrystalline
Power class: 245 - 255 Wp

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  • Why Choose
    Mage Solar?

  • 30 year

    power guarantee

  • 10 year

    product warranty

  • +5 watts

    positive tolerance

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