Solar panel kits in 2017: The best 12 volt solar panel for home use

Unlike the usual power that most people use these days, whether it is commercial or generated with solar panel kits, it’s that kind of power that doesn’t have any harmful emissions that can cripple the environment. It is a renewable and clean process that utilizes the sun, which is the most natural resources. The demand for solar panels these days is so high that you will find various solar power generating systems. In this article, you will learn more about the 12 volt solar panels for sale, and many other things that are related generally to solar panels.


Why choose 12v solar panels?

There isn’t really something about the 12 volt solar panel kit other than it shares similar basic function with the rest of the solar panels that are available in the market. One of the best kits is also considered one of the best residential solar panel kits in the market. Here is a review of that product:


Renogy 100 Watts 12 Volts Monocrystalline  Starter Kit

Product details:

  • The kit includes a 10AWG Tray Cable measuring 8 feet that you can connect the battery and charge controller
  • Its charge controller was recently upgraded to the all new 10A PWM NegativeGround Charge Controller the Renogy Wanderer
  • With this new controller, you get to expand the system up to its maximum capacity of 400W
  • Its ideal output is 500Wh each day. It is able to charge from 50 percent in 3 hours when using a 50Ah battery, although this also depends on the availability of the sunlight
  • Its negative grounding controller secures its off grid safety and applications, especially when it is to be utilized on a vehicle like an RV that is equipped with battery negative applied to its chassis


This product is called as a starter kit since it is perfect for customers that are still new with solar panels. You can also use this as a solar power kits for home use. They are also great for off-grid applications like cabins, sheds, boats, trailers and RVs. It provides a lot of benefits such as grid independence and quiet power output. Its solar cells are made out of monocrystalline. This solar panel 12 volt product comes in stocked with all the tools necessary to be installed, but battery is excluded from the package.


Most customers are happy with this product, not to mention it is one among the cheap solar panel kits available in the market. The reason for this is because the average solar panel kits prices start from $25,000 to $35,000 or higher, and this price is placed on a 5kW system. Many companies provide incentives for its customers, while some subsidize it for 50 percent of its system costs.


Choosing the right kit for sale

Not many people are still considering the 12v green solar power generating kit since they have this perception that it is a very expensive investment. However, if you take a good look around, you will find cheap solar power systems available as well. You’ve already witnessed one of them, which is reviewed above. However, you will need a guide so that you can get your hands on one of the best power generating panel kit in the market, not to mention at such a best price.


What to consider in a 12v panel?

There are various reasons why people are looking into buying those panels. Some of these include saving money on energy bills, reduce the environmental impact they do or they want to achieve a new whole level of energy independence. Which of these reasons are most important to you and which one is the least? You should take your time in thinking the reason as this will affect your choice.


You might have other reasons aside from the ones mentioned above. It can be that you prefer a system that can be installed then just leave it at that or you prefer to have it assembled on your own, whether this is no or low maintenance. You might want a system that will not affect your habits in using power or you are just wanting to change some things on your part.


Are you conscious of how the system is designed? Do you want something compact, or do you need extra room for it? Are you subjected to covenants and associations in your neighborhood that you want to ensure you are not contravening to any of these?


You have to talk it over with the family if you are living with them. This must be decided with all the occupants of the house present since they are also living in your home as well. It will affect them in various ways that you have not considered. Don’t forget that electricity will affect everything as well.


You write down the things that answer the aforementioned questions. Once you have them done, you will be able to get a good look at what kind of 12 volt solar power generating panel kits you will have.



Can you afford a 12v solar panel kit?

On what basis have you thought that you can’t afford one? It all depends on where you live, the kind of regulations that the government has placed upon the place that you live in. There are even governments that provide incentives to those who buy one of the many solar power kits for homes.


Which solar panel 12v system is right for you?

Now that you know the different types, you have to learn more about the cost of implementing them and how you are able to pay for it. In every system that you consider, you must think about the positives and negatives of it all. You need to weigh the options so as not to end up with the wrong system.


The solar panel 12v 100w basis system is probably the most common product bought by households. They are not only bought in bulk since they are chosen as a way for households to try out whether or not the solar panel system is a right way to transition into being independent from the grid.


Keep in mind that the 12v solar panels for sale can be built in various ways. If you ask experts or those who have extensive experience in installing and building their own solar panel systems, there are various ways to build them that you have your own idea how to do it.


The best system is based on the description of every system mentioned above. If you can discern the differences and compare it to your needs, you will be able to get the right solar powered system for your home.


Advantages of Using Solar Power

For some readers that are still not sold with the idea of buying a solar panel kit for your home, read the advantages below as to why it is great to consider having solar panels.

  • Renewable – most people know that solar energy is renewable. It means that you will never run out of solar power, unlike resources that are non-renewable, like nuclear, coal and fossil fuels. People will always have access to solar power because the sun will always be there, well at least for another 6.5 billion years as stated by NASA. The worst of things that people will have to worry about is that the scientists estimated that the sun will swallow the planet in the next 5 billion years.
  • Sustainable – not only is the source renewable, it is also sustainable. Energy sources that are a sustainable meet up with the needs of today’s issues without taking away the future generation’s ability in meeting their needs. Being sustainable simply means that there is no way for people to over-consume the energy source.
  • Abundant – the solar energy’s abundance is beyond imagination. The earth’s surface receives over 120,000 terawatts of radiation from the sun. This is equivalent to around 20,000 more source power compared to what is needed for the world to thrive.
  • Eco-friendly – one thing about using solar power is that it generally doesn’t generate pollution. However, some emissions that are linked with transportation, manufacturing and the solar power systems’ installation have almost nothing when compared to the most conventional sources of energy. This makes it clear that solar energy lessens the people’s dependence on energy sources that are non-renewable. This is one of the most important steps that people should be aware of as this will eliminate climate crisis.
  • Reduces cost of electricity – now that there are new schemes in how homeowners are able to manage their electricity, they can also “sell” their excess electricity or even receive the bill credits during the times when their power produces more electricity more than what their home needs to consume. This means that homeowners are able to reduce the overall expenses with electricity when they switch to using the 100w solar panel kit.
  • Good availability – solar energy is easily accessed since during the day there is already the light coming from the sun. Anywhere you are in the world, you can harness this source. Even the countries that are closest to the equator are able to take advantage of this.
  • Multiple applications – there are so many applications that can utilize the power of solar energy. It can be utilized to generate electricity in areas that are far or have a lack of connection to the grid, for water distillation or even power up the satellites in space, where the sun always shine.
  • Shared solar – due to ownership issues, insufficient space, and shading, the majority of homes all over the world are not fitted for solar panels. But now that there is the availability of shared solar, homeowners are now able to subscribe to solar gardens that are built for the community. This will be able to generate solar power for electricity without using any solar panels in your rooftops.
  • Financial support from the government – many government bodies all over the world are advocating the use of solar energy. The rebates they provide has made it available for the majority of the homeowners and those on the utility scale. In certain cases, the residential photovoltaic systems’ price can be truncated to over 50 percent.
  • Improvement of technology – and this one will always improve in the years to come. The advancements of technology are still constantly done these days, especially in the solar power industry. Innovation in quantum physics and nanotechnology has a very big potential in tripling the solar panels’ electrical output.
  • Low maintenance – this is also one of the reasons that many households are getting solar power is because it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. Solar panels for residential use only need cleaning for a few times in a year.


Disadvantages of using solar power

  • Expensive – generally, procuring your own solar panel kit can be quite expensive, even if you choose the DIY solar panel kits. Some buyers of DIY  kits even testified that it is more expensive since they will need other things to do that can only be done when professionals install the unit. However, the idea that solar panels are expensive is debatable. The reason for this is because there are less expensive power generating kits available right now.
  • Intermittent source – what it means to be intermittent meaning that access to solar power or sunlight is limited at certain times, for example, there is no solar energy during the night. Overcast is also another problem since you can never predict when it will happen. It is also a difficult time to acquire solar power as well. This is the reason why some establishments like those that meet the base load energy demands do not consider solar power. However, when you compare solar power with wind power, the former has fewer problems with intermittence.
  • Expensive energy storage – the energy acquired from solar energy must be stored, in this case in a battery. It will aid in smoothing out the load and demand, which is why it makes solar power more stable. However, the technologies used for such performances are very expensive. The good thing about it is that there is a good correspondence between the access to human energy and solar energy demand. The demand for electricity peaks during the middle of the day, which is also the time when there is a lot of sunlight.
  • A little bit of pollution – while solar power has been touted as to produce less pollution compared to conventional sources of energy, there are some applications that solar energy produces as such. This is especially true when it come to manufacturing processes that are linked to greenhouse gas emissions. Sulfur hexafluoride and nitrogen trifluoride had been traced to the production of the solar panels. These elements are just some of the most powerful greenhouse gasses and even are thousand times giving more impact on global warming than carbon dioxide. Installation of the solar power systems, including those used in transportation can indirectly affect pollution, too. The bottom line – there is not a single thing in this world that is completely free from risk, however, when you measure the risks involved, solar power is favored compared to other technologies.
  • Rare and unique materials – there are particular solar cells that require materials that are quite rare to find in nature. Rare materials equal very high price. This is even true when it comes to the thin film solar cells that are based on CdTe or CIGS, which are cadmium telluride or the copper indium gallium selenide respectively.
  • Needs some space – the power density of solar kits is highly significant when it comes to search for power that can be obtained from a particular area of energy source. A low power density means that too much of the real estate is needed to produce power that most people demand these days at reasonable prices.



Types of power kits

Since people live in different kind of homes and different kind of lifestyles, that will be one of the bases on the kind of system that you are going to choose. You start it off by using the standard home as the basis for choosing the type of panels. Below are different types that can also be considered as

  • Off-grid solar PV systems – for this type of cells, it is the best suite for buildings that are far from the nearest source of the power line. This can either be a new country home or a family cottage. People that are best suited for this type are those that are very conscious of energy consumption. The advantages of this type are that it eliminates your power bills, dependence on the power grid and grid outages. Its disadvantages are the need for adjusting the habits for using power and malfunction of the system can lead you without power for several days.
  • Solar PV only; off the grid – a common use for home solar panel kits, it comes with batteries, inverter, charger and panels. And that is all that you will witness with this type. Just because this type of kit is simple does not equal to being the most affordable solar panels in the market. Those that choose this type of system will become dependent on this when it comes to electricity usage, which means that this will be the biggest of all the PV systems. It needs most panels and batteries since if the sun doesn’t shine, you will not be getting any power.
  • An off-grid system based on a solar hybrid – there are times when the sun is just not enough. You will be lucky enough if you get other sources of energy and that they are more consistent to tap into. If you have consistent winds or live nearby a free flowing creek, you should take advantage of it by utilizing a wind turbine, generator, micro-hydro generator or a combination of all of these.
  • Grid-tied PV solar systems – if you are concerned about the grid-tied concept, you aren’t that much concerned about energy independence. What you are after is saving or making money. With so many power companies that buy your power at the most favorable rates, this is possible. You can even make money with this type, too.
  • Grid-tied with backup battery – this is almost similar to the off-grid PV only, with the exception that the inverter will also offer an interface for the grid. This will automatically manage the connection, thus allowing the excess production of power to flow back to the grid. When you don’t produce that much excess, the system will allow the power of the grid to continue flowing into the home.
  • Solar hybrid grid tied system – this is just like the off-grid systems wherein you get to add other sources that generate energy, like the micro-hydro generator or the wind turbine. People that are still dependent on the grid typically do not use this type since this system is redundant or that they are considered like an eyesore to the neighbors. The government may even have established regulations against the use of micro-hydro or wind turbines in residential places.
  • Grid-tied but PV only – this only composes of grid tie inverter, wires, and panels. This is the least expensive of the entire solar panels kits for home use. Its 200 watt 12 volt solar panels, especially when it comes to solar power kits for cabins offered at a price of $32,000. However, this price can still be reduced depending on the kind of home that you have.

Now that you’ve learned pretty much the basics of solar power and the use of solar panels to gather solar energy, the next step to take, if you are still interested to learn more about solar panels, is to consider whether you are going to finance them or make a business out of it. You will have to do a lot of research if you are planning to profit or invest in large scale solar panels to use in powering up a certain area.

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