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Buying solar panels for sale is certainly possible. There is no reason to pay $400-500 for photovoltaic cells, like many people think. There are a number of methods for saving money, and one of the best is to build them yourself. This way, all you have to pay for is the materials, and you avoid the built in labor costs that new panels come with.

The good news is that doing this is not that hard. The only real knowledge you need is how to use a standard screwdriver and electric drill. There are plenty of solar panel design instructions online, and finding some good ones really is not hard.

The important thing is that you find clear, easy to follow guidelines, as some of them are simpler to follow along with than others. Before even searching, however, you should know how many watts you need the panels to be, as different instructions are for different sized panels. If you do not know this before, you could end up wasting all that time building a model that really is not powerful enough for your needs.

Another strategy for saving money is to purchase pre-owned panels. They are much less expensive than new versions, and in many instances work just as well. The best place to look for these is eBay, as there are a number of cheaper ones on the site. In fact, some of them still have their warranties intact, and these are the ones you want to focus on. Things go wrong with panels quite frequently, particularly used ones, and therefore having a warranty is very important.

The bottom line is, finding solar panels cheap for sale is easy when you build them yourself. This way, you can construct an entirely new panel for much less than the cost for a standard new one. This way, you can get a new panel for the same price, if not less, than what many used ones cost. However, if you decide not to go this route, then buying a pre-owned one with a warranty is the next best thing for saving money.



Find the cheapest solar panels for sale on the planet!

Solar panels for sale are here! Really the price per watt for solar panels is at an all time low.

Global recession has cut demand so now is a great time to find a cheap solar panel.

The solar panels for sale you’ll find on MageSolar on the market right now all come from China where the labor costs are much cheaper.

Over the last decade Chinese manufacturers have been developing a very robust solar industry for hot water and solar electric.

Only a decade ago these same manufactures only offered 10 year warranties compared to 25 from the USA, Europe and Japan.

But now Chinese panels come with a 25-year warranty from the better manufacturers.

Now I’m not a great fan normally of Chinese goods, they seem to have a short lifespan, but with solar the only moving parts are the flow of electrons, so as long as the silicon is of good quality then not much differs between panels except from the power produced, cost and warranty.

Polycrystalline panels are nearly identical and with no moving parts to go wrong then the only things to consider are the warranty and cost.

So lets talk about a solar panel warranty, most warranties will give 90% of the power at 25 years, that means they guarantee that in 25 years a 100 watt panel would still give you 90 watts.

That to me is fair enough, and try and find a warranty that good on any other product.

The graph below shows the price of panels has halved over the last 10 years, but demand has steadily grown.

At the moment (2014) solar panels can be bought in the USA for a mere $1.30 per watt if you shop around, that is for Chinese panels, other manufacturers are charging $2.40 per watt.

As you can see, when you are installing thousands of watts on your rooftop the difference is staggering. A 5000-watt system would cost $6500 for panels compared to $12000.

That brings the payback time down much sooner.

I think when it comes to the solar panel side of the energy equation the Chinese cheap solar panels win hands down, the money saved could go into an interest bearing account or whatever you want and I don’t believe too much quality would be sacrificed.

Solar panels for sale that you can find on our website are integrated into a grid tie system are a no brainer for saving money in these tight times.

Lower or no electricity bills and clean energy are good for your pocket and the environment.



How to Buy Solar Panels for Sale

Renewable energy sources are becoming more and more popular in the home, none more so than solar power. Electrical solar power works by transforming the sun’s energy into a reusable form of electricity, this process is called Photovoltaic. Once the sun’s energy has been converted into electricity, it is stored in a battery and if any excess energy is produced as is common with larger solar panels, it can be fed back into the national grid. Solar panels for sale can not only power your home but any excess energy you do produce and put into the grid you can get paid for with new feed-in tariffs. Despite the initial outlay, solar panels definitely make long-term financial sense but how do you choose the right ones for you?

Which panels should I buy?Which panels you choose depend on your energy usage over a given period of time. Work out how much energy you use in your home and what percentage of this you would like to supply using solar power but bear in mind that the more energy you’d like to produce, the more the initial outlay will be. There are also different types of solar panel but for UK’s climate which is generally overcast, crystalline silicone panels tend to be the most efficient. You also need to make sure you buy panels that will stand up to the weather conditions of your area.

Which battery should I buy?The actual solar panels for sale don’t actually power your home; they recharge the battery which in turn supplies the energy. The battery stores energy during daylight hours which can then be distributed as required and recharged as it is used. A battery provides a much higher current over a shorter period of time compared to the solar panels so it is important to look at a batteries capacity before you buy. The most cost effective batteries are usually 12 volt car batteries that are conveniently available locally in most garages.

Which inverter should I buy?

You need an inverter to convert the 12V output from your battery in a mains 240V alternating current. There are numerous different models of inverter available and you should check the specifications as the right one depends on what the battery will be powering. Inverters also use energy themselves so will make your whole solar power system less efficient so you should look at how much power your chosen model consumes.


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