Are solar panels worth it

Are Solar Panels worth it

Most of us cringe each month as we open the dreaded electric bill. It seems like the electric bill goes up with every passing month. The local electric company is planning their next rate increase this very second. This is because the grid is still producing electricity from dirty and expensive fossil fuels. On the other hand, you can save thousands by hooking up with $0 down solar panels.

All of us know how much harm fossil fuels cause. In addition, the supply of these fuels is shrinking and they are becoming more and more expensive. The grid will certainly pass on their higher fuels costs to you. The solution is to install Blythe Solar panels. Grab your last electric bill and you will see how expensive the grid really is. Calculate what you will pay out over the next five years. You better sit down while you do this because you are paying the local power utility thousands of dollars.

There has never been a better time to cut the cord to the grid than right now, because you can now install Solar Panels for Homes with no money down. Plus, there are tax credits and rebate programs available to help homeowners save even more. Homes that install solar panels increase the value of their property. Today’s home buyers are savvier than ever and prefer to buy homes that already have solar installed, and they will pay extra for it too.

The choice comes down to this; stay hooked to the grid and pay out thousands of dollars for electricity, or save thousands by going solar. Furthermore, solar does not pollute and the sun offers an infinite supply of power. Fossil fuels keep going up in price, solar uses free sun. It just does not make any sense to stay connected to the grid. The way to stop losing money is by going with no money down solar.

In the end, we all squirm as we open up the monthly electric bill. How much will it be this month? There is however a solution to this problem, solar. The grid uses dirty and costly fossil fuels to create electricity, while solar harness the renewable and clean power of sunlight. Going solar saves thousands of dollars in electric bills. Moreover, there are ample tax incentives and rebate programs available to help you save even more. There has never been a better time to get into $0 down solar than now!


About Solar Panels Pricing

If you compare prices of electric energy and price of solar energy, you will obviously come to conclusion that solar energy is so much better…like incomparable. Solar energy is free. That energy is produced by sun and absorbed by solar panels. Nobody can charge you for the sun, right! Decision to purchase solar panels is one of the best you can make when we speak about energy. It will completely remove your energy bill. I am certain that I got your full attention right now. So I won’t prolong anything anymore and I will tell you straight ahead what exactly do you need to do to come to the point where all your energy is free, produced by your family and not connected to any power cut.

First you will need to buy solar panels and pay for their installation. That will be your first and only investment. Now to determine how much money should you prepare for investment we will need to determine the cost of solar panels. After we do all that, we will need to determine factors of your area. Main factors to tell the complete cost of investment are the amount the sun shines in your region during the day, the position which you prepared for solar panels – if they are on rooftop more energy will be absorbed. How much kW are you actually spending every month….how much money are you willing to invest, how much do you want to cut your energy bill for. After we take a look at all of those factors we will be able to determine complete value of investment.

But worry not, no matter where do you live your investment will certainly pay out very fast…even less than a year…and after that what awaits you is free energy for a lifetime. It sounds amazing, doesn’t it. Of course it does! Solar panels are complete innovation. How many times did you use energy for something important when sudden power cut happened. How many times did you curse electric industry than. That doesn’t have to happen ever again. It’s all up to you, you are free to chose the best option for you and your family. Always be able to prepare warm and healthy meals for your family. Always be able to heat the house, why would you be cold during winter. Why should you and your family freeze during the winter, when there is no need for that. Why do you need to feel terrible when your kid gets cold because you are powerless…you cannot heat the house during winter due to sudden power cut. Nothing from this has to happen anymore, invest in solar panels and you will be 100% satisfied!

When most people think of solar power, cost instantly comes to mind. The reality is solar power costs have come down. Yet, the initial cost is high. But is it really? If you look at the upfront cost most people would agree that spending thirty thousand dollars is indeed a lot of money. However, installing Palo Alto Home Solar Panels may not be as expensive as you think, once you have the full picture.

The best way to look at the cost of solar panels is to think of them as an investment, because that is exactly what it is. There are returns on your investment. As soon as you install Solar Panels on your home you see an instant savings off of your electric bill. In addition, there are tax incentives and rebate programs that lower your initial Palo Alto solar panels cost.

The current federal tax credit is 30 percent. This slashes your investment significantly. The return you get is the savings each month that you are no longer paying for electricity. Most people will recoup their initial investment in 6 to 10 years. Much depends on where you live and what incentives and rebates are available in your area. The way to find out is to call your local solar dealer to find out exactly what your Palo Alto cost of solar panels will be. A representative can come to your home and give you a no cost consultation.

If you find that you cannot afford the solar power cost, there are leasing programs available. You simply pay a low fixed monthly rate. This alternative allows you to free yourself from power company rate hikes. Your monthly lease fee remains the same for the life of the lease. The reality is fossil fuels are in short demand yet the demand is high. This means you can expect electric company rates to keep rising.

In the end, the cost of solar panels is well worth the investment, especially when all available tax credits and rebates are taken into account. Fossil fuels are in short supply, however demand keeps rising. This is a recipe for continued electric power rate hikes. On the other hand, solar is clean and renewable. The sun is an infinite source of power. Most people recoup their solar investment within 6 to 10 years. Is the investment worth the savings? Indeed it is.

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