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Best Solar Attic Fans Reviews in 2017

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Best Solar Attic Fans Reviews in 2017 September 13, 2017
Best Solar Attic Fans Review in 2017
  • Natural Light Solar Attic Fan 36 Watt Black with 25 Year Warranty
  • Premium Solar Attic Fan with Ultra Efficient Brushless Motor: Rust Proof
  • Amtrak Solar Attic Fan 35 or 70 Watt
  • Brightwatts Galvanized Steel Rust Prevention Solar Gable Attic Fan

How to buy the best solar attic fan?

Like mentioned earlier, let’s start with a buying guide to help you understand what features, benefits and problems or issues you can expect when you buy a solar attic fan.

Every attic fan will have a certain square footage it can cover. Depending on the size of your home and your attic, you might have to install more than one attic fan. For example, if your attic has a space of about 2,500 square footage, you will need to buy 3 attic fans with a capacity capable of ventilating about 1,000 square footage each.

Square footage or fan coverage


Buying excess capacity is always Ok. But, never cheap out on attic fans to compromise on capacity, as inefficient attic ventilating is almost just as bad as not ventilating it at all!

Sometimes, instead of square footage covered, you will see another metric called CFM mentioned. CFM is nothing but cubic feet per minute. This is basically the amount of air that can be moved by an attic fan, in a minute.



When it comes to wattage, the higher means more powerful ventilation. Attic fans come in all kinds of configurations. Some can start with wattage as little as 8 watts, with a 1,000 CFM rating. The more heavy duty fans with more than 70 Watts of power are capable of providing impressive CFM figures almost close to 3,000 CFM.

Remember, it is not necessary that you ventilate your attic with just one fan. In fact, spreading out a couple or more attic fans over the surface of your attic is actually a better way to ventilate the attic than by using one large fan.

In other words, don’t just go for the attic fan with the highest wattage as three 8 watt fans can sometimes do a better job of ventilating and cooling an attic than one large 30 watt fan right in the middle of the attic.


When it comes to any solar product, you want it to last. In fact, one of the most important metrics that come up during solar attic fan reviews comparison is to see the durability and longevity of a solar attic fan. The longer it lasts, the more ROI it will provide on your initial investment. Since solar attic fans can easily cost close to $200, it is important that you buy one that will last, without problems, to pay your investment back and do it many times over.

The number of years issued on a warranty is always a very good sign of the build quality offered by the manufacturer. Some of the best solar attic fan models will actually come with a very long 25 year old warranty while some of the cheaper solar attic fans will come with just a 5 or 10 year warranty.

In any case, you must not buy a solar powered attic fan that comes with just a year or two warranty, or worse, no warranty at all!

Quiet operation


Don’t buy cheap solar attic fans that operate with a lot of noise. The last thing you want is an ungodly hum that reverberates from the top of your home, while you try to relax downstairs. Look through solar attic fan reviews to see how loud a fan is and if people have a problem with its noise levels.

If a fan is too noisy or loud, it will usually be the number one complaint in solar attic vent reviews. Stay away from such fans and only buy solar attic fans that operate so quietly that nobody who ever comes to your home will ever know that you have a solar attic fan installed!


It is essential that your solar attic fan be connected to a thermostat. Only then will the fan know when not to run, when the air temperature is low. Just like how you don’t want your attic too hot, you don’t want it too cold either. Your solar attic fans must have a cut off thermostat that will shut off the fan when the temperature drops beyond a certain point.

ImageProduct nameStarsAmazon offerRead review
Solar Attic Fan 36-watt - Black - with 25-year Warranty - Florida Rated by Natural Light★★★★★
Premium Solar Attic Fan, Ultra Efficient Brushless DC Motor with Highest Rated Blade Pitch, Rust Protective Material★★★★★
Amtrak Solar Attic Fan, 35 watt★★★★★
Brightwatts Galvanized Steel Rust Prevention and High Efficiency Blades Solar Gable Attic Fan, Brushless DC Motor★★★★★

The best solar attic fans score high on ease of installation

If you are installing a solar attic fan, you are probably wanting to do it as a DIY project. Ease of installation is then very important. Don’t choose fan models that require a complicated installation with a lot of drilling, wiring and configuring.

The best solar attic fans will come with a straightforward installation manual that will let you have the fan installed in an hour at the most.

Build quality

The solar panel on your solar attic fan is going to be exposed to the elements. Since the roof isn’t exactly an easily accessible place, you want a fan that requires minimal maintenance. In order to facilitate this, the fan must be rust proof, snow proof, rain-proof and wind resistant. Look for such qualities before you decide on a solar attic fan.

Tax credit

Any solar energy using appliance purchase to save electricity in your home makes you eligible to receive a tax credit or refund. Most of the solar attic fans reviewed later in this post will qualify you for a tax credit which will allow you to receive a slightly faster ROI on your investment.

Now that you know what to look for when shopping for solar attic fans, let’s look at some solar attic fan reviews of the most popular and bestselling fans at Amazon.com.

Top rated solar attic fans


Natural Light Solar Attic Fan 36 Watt Black with 25 Year Warranty

This is easily the Rolls Royce of solar attic fans. Though it comes with a $400+ price tag, you can be assured that you are getting a very high quality product. For starters, the manufacturers provide you with an industry leading 25 year warranty that speaks volumes about the quality of the product. Unlike other manufacturers that provide warranty selectively, Natural Light provides the warranty on the entire product.It uses top grade build materials that will withstand even the toughest of nature’s elements, for several decades.

The fan ships with everything that you will need to install it, with one of the best installation guides that you can get your hands on, in the solar attic fan market.

It is equipped with a 36 watt motor. The fan’s solar panel can be adjusted to either lay flat or titled at a 45° angle. Please however note that this fan is only meant for pitch roofs with a 3/12 or 12/12 inclination and cannot be installed on flat roofs or roofs that require side wall mounting.

Equipped with a built in thermometer and thermostat, the fan will cut off when the temperature is cold and when attic cooling is not required.

The powerful motor is capable of moving 1,628 cubic feet of air per minute. Square foot coverage comes in at about 2,625 square feet, making it powerful enough to be the only fan required for most average sized attics. You can use this fan on a tile roof as well, but only after buying a separate tile installation kit. This fan is made in the USA. Another very interesting feature is that this product comes in color choices, not something that you usually see when buying solar attic fans. The colors available are gray, bronze and black.

Reviewers Rating


Reviewers Rating

Premium Solar Attic Fan with Ultra Efficient Brushless Motor: Rust Proof

This solar attic fan comes in two variants. One is a 1,000 square footage model and the other is a 1,800 square footage model. The 1,000 SF model costs about $200 and the larger capacity fan costs about $80 extra. This fan has a robust build quality and is tested for wind resistance where it is subject to 110 mph gusts of wind. It has also been tested with intense rain at the rate of 8 inches per hour, for 8 hours straight, with no water coming through the construction of the fan.It can move up to 1,000 CFM. The motor is a very effective 24 W motor. Like the Nature Light fan, this fan is very easy to install as well, with everything you need for installation coming with the fan. The fan needs a 14.5’ diameter on your roof, to be set.

The entire package comes with a warranty worth 10 years. The fan comes with a thermostat that will shut off the fan, when the temperature is below 80°.


Amtrak Solar Attic Fan 35 or 70 Watt

This is another fan that comes in two motor variants. One is a 35 watt variant and the other is a 70 watt variant. You also have the option of purchasing this fan with an expert installation where installation is taken care of, by an expert.With a CFM capacity of 1,750, this is a fan that is very easy to install as well. The solar panel on this fan comes with 4 mounting brackets and some clear instructions in a manual. Also included is 15 feet of wire. This product is also entirely manufactured in the USA.

Reviewers Rating


Reviewers Rating

Brightwatts Galvanized Steel Rust Prevention Solar Gable Attic Fan

This is probably the best solar attic fan if you are on a budget. With a sub $150 price tag, you get an attic fan that is easy to install, capable of providing 1,000 CFM and cover up to 1,200 in square footage. The 24 watt motor features a brushless design that will last a long time. It is capable of resisting hail, ice, winds and small amounts of debris.The entire unit comes with a 10 year warranty.


So, there you have it. A quick buying guide that will help you buy the top rated solar attic fans in the market today. Since this is an investment that will need time to pay for itself, it is imperative that you only choose the model that you think will last the longest and cool your attic the most.