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Best Solar Backpack – Top 5 Reviews in 2017 September 13, 2017
Best Solar Backpack Reviews in 2017
  • LifePack Solar Powered Anti-Theft Backpack with Laptop Storage
  • Power Bank
  • Comes With Bluetooth Speakers
  • Ivation 7 W Solar Charging Panel Backpack with Bladder Bag and 10,000 mAh battery
  • 10,000mAh Power Bank
  • Doesn't Come With Bluetooth Speakers
  • CHOETECH 24 W Solar Charger Backpack
  • No Power Bank
  • Doesn't Come With Bluetooth Speakers
  • ECEEN Hiking Daypacks with Solar Charger for phone Backpack
  • No Power Bank
  • Doesn't Come With Bluetooth Speakers

How to buy the best solar backpack?

Solar charging or solar power bank backpack?

You first and foremost need to check if your backpack has a battery. If it has a battery, it means that the solar panels will charge the battery which can then be used to charge mobile or tablet devices. The higher end backpacks usually have this power bank option. Now, power banks come with batteries with very different capacities. Some backpacks have power banks that just have a 1,500 mAh battery while some of the high end solar backpacks carry a battery with as much as 10,000 mAh capacity!

The budget solar backpacks usually only provide a solar charging option. What this means is that the backpack can only charge devices when the sun is available, as and when solar energy is being generated. In other words, the solar energy can’t be stored to use at a later point. Of course, you can work around this deficit by using a third party power bank to connect it to the solar charger. This way, the sun will continuously charge the power bank that you can use later, to charge other devices.


A backpack needs to be durable. When you take a backpack and haul it onto your shoulders, there is quite a bit of force exerted on the straps and all those compartments with zippers, padding and mesh etc. Therefore, it is very important that the backpack be made of very durable materials like heavy duty nylon or leather.

It must also ideally be rain proof as you don’t want sudden rain to penetrate the backpack and destroy the power bank or the solar charging protocols that have been designed into the backpack.

Also look for solar backpacks that have been reinforced in the areas that experience a high amount of stress, like where the shoulder straps meet the seams of the backpack.

Removable solar panel

Just because you bought the best solar backpack does not mean that you will always want the benefit of solar charging. Sometimes, you might just want to use it like a regular backpack, to maybe quickly visit your friend for an hour or two.

On these occasions, it helps to have a solar backpack where the solar panels are removable, without much fuss. You can always strap them back on when you need solar charging. Having the solar panel removable also means that you can use the panels elsewhere, like outside of a tent or while camping, instead of buying a separate solar panel to charge your small devices.

USB Ports

The best solar powered backpack models will come with 2 USB charging ports while the cheaper models usually come with only 1 port. You must also look at the specifications of the USB ports to figure out if they support if they support both 2.4 A and 4 A charging. 4 A charging will allow for faster charging if your phone or tablet can take advantage of fast charging. However, if your solar panel backpack only has 2.4 A charging, you still don’t have to write it off as it will charge your device, only not as fast as a 4 A charging port.

You must also find out if your solar backpack is capable of charging two devices at once. This is not a feature that is available on all backpacks being powered by solar energy.

ImageProduct nameStarsAmazon offerRead review
Lifepack Solar Powered and Anti-Theft Backpack with laptop storage★★★★★
Ivation Solar Survival Backpack, Hydration Bladder Bag, Waterproof Power Bank, Dual Smart Phone Tablet Charging Ports★★★★★
CHOETECH 24W Solar Charger Backpack Kit for iPhone, iPad, Samsung and Other USB Compatible Devices★★★★★
ECEEN Hiking Daypacks with Solar Charger for Phone, Hiking, Travel, Backpacking, Biking, Camping - Folds Up into Carry Pouch - Power for Smart Cell Phones, Speaker★★★★★

Read solar panel backpack reviews to figure out laptop size compatibility!

Most solar backpack reviews will tell you that a particular solar backpack will be able to accommodate a 15’ laptop. But, if you have a laptop that is beyond 15’, it makes sense to double check and see if your solar backpack will specifically hold a 17’ or larger laptop. If you don’t see any specific mention, it would be safe to assume that it can’t hold your large laptop.

Since your laptop is going to be the most important asset in your solar backpack, it pays to be very sure that it will fit inside of your backpack in the first place!

Design and Functionality of the solar panel backpack

Some backpacks powered by solar energy offer nice little benefits that are very unique. For example, we will shortly look at solar backpack reviews that will talk about a very popular model that comes with Bluetooth speakers. Another model features a 1.8 Liter water bladder with a flexible hose that you can use to sip water from, even as you are walking or biking while wearing the backpack, as it cultivates solar energy.

Pay attention to the size of the solar backpack as well. Ideally, it should be foldable or collapsible in such a way that the footprint is much smaller than when opened. We will later look at a backpack that folds up into the size of a sandwich, so it can easily be stored away in a suitcase, when you just don’t need a backpack anymore.

Weight and capacity

You want a very light backpack. A solar backpack, even when loaded with a solar panel, should not weigh more than about a pound or so. As for capacity, you can expect your backpack to hold about 30 to 40 liters in capacity, about the average for even a conventional backpack without solar charging capabilities.

Now that you know what sort of features you can expect from the best solar backpack out there, we will take a look at some solar panel backpack reviews to see which models are the bestselling models at a site like Amazon. Amazon is a fantastic place to buy solar backpacks as the prices are extremely competitive.

Best Solar Panel Backpack Reviews


Reviewers Rating

LifePack Solar Powered Anti-Theft Backpack with Laptop Storage

This solar backpack is a result of an extremely popular Kickstarter campaign where an innovative designer decided to develop the perfect backpack, capable of satisfying every backpack user out there in the world. It comes with a steep $199 price tag but still has almost all 5 star reviews at Amazon.

It can act as a solar charger, a solar power bank and also as Bluetooth speakers with fairly good quality. The Bluetooth speakers can last almost 96 hours, playing music at medium levels non-stop for more than three days.

The design of this backpack was so popular when it debuted as an idea on Kickstarter that its funds goal were met in just 6 hours.

Coming back to the features of what is now considered the best solar backpack ever made, the LifePack has a battery that is large enough to charge your phone through 6 full charge cycles.

Other features include a rain cover and a separate compartment for paper and receipt storage. A nice feature is the ability to lock all the compartments with a single number lock, using a three digit combination. All you have to do is close all the zippers in one direction and align the zips and lock it with the number lock.

It also has neat little secret compartments that are actually quite difficult to find, the first time you trial this backpack. Available in titanium grey and black, this is one cool looking solar laptop backpack.


Ivation 7 W Solar Charging Panel Backpack with Bladder Bag and 10,000 mAh battery

This is a neat little backpack if you are very serious about solar power more than anything else. It features a one of a kind battery with a massive 10,000 mAh capacity. With that kind of capacity and a lot of sun, you can rack up enough charge to power your mobile for days on end.

It comes with 2 USB charging ports. What’s also nice is that the backpack can charge 2 phones at once. It features compartments to store 2 phones and 2 tablets.

What a lot of people really love about this backpack is that it comes with a 1.8 L water bladder that is built into the bag. This can be removed to make more space, if you wish. The water bladder comes with a fairly long flexible hose that you can wrap around your neck, to sip on water while on the go on a hike, trek or a bike or motorcycle ride.

This solar backpack is available in two sporty color options. One is a bright red color while the other is a fun green color.

Reviewers Rating


Reviewers Rating

CHOETECH 24 W Solar Charger Backpack

You might not be impressed with the first look of this backpack from Choetech. The panels on this backpack are huge, actually hanging well beyond the length of the backpack, looking rather awkward. But, it was intentionally designed that way, to give you the most number of solar panels that you can expect from a backpack. Please note that this backpack does not feature a power bank.

Instead, it is a high performance solar charger, capable of outputting 24 W of power! Yes, 24 W. That is almost three times more than what you will see on a regular solar backpack.

It features two charging ports. One is a USB 2.4 A and the other is a USB 4 A. Simultaneous charging of two devices is very possible.

What’s also nice about this solar backpack is that it is very lightweight, even with the many solar panels. It also comes with thoughtfully designed webbing loops that will allow you to remove the solar panels and the charging cable and use it on a tent or for other outdoor purposes, when it is not tethered to your backpack. It is water resistant and comes with 4 carabiners as well, to allow you to securely tether it onto surfaces other than the backpack it comes along with.


ECEEN Hiking Daypacks with Solar Charger for phone Backpack

For just $40, this is an exciting solar powered backpack that comes in 6 sensational color options. Durability is very strong when it comes to this Eceen backpack. It is made out of nylon and has heavy duty zippers that look like they are built for battle. It also features reinforced bars that have been strategically placed at known stress points on a backpack, thereby increasing longevity by leaps and bounds over any solar backpack or even a regular backpack in this price range.

For $40, you get a power bank as well, even if it only has a 2,000 mAh battery capacity. The entire backpack with the solar panels weighs just 15 Oz and it has a liter capacity of 35 liters. Another very useful feature of this backpack is that it folds or collapses into almost the size of a large sandwich, allowing you to snugly tuck it away in other luggage, should you not need a solar backpack for certain travels or outings. It can easily fit a laptop up to 15 inches. It also features a space for fairly large water bottles and also two mesh pockets for easy and quick access, with undoing any zippers.

Reviewers Rating