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Best Solar Flag Pole Light Reviews in 2017

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Best Solar Flag Pole Light Reviews in 2017 September 13, 2017
Best Solar Flag Pole Light Reviews in 2017
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How to read a solar flagpole light review to buy nothing but the best flag post light?


Design of your solar flagpole light is critical. This is because you want the onus or attention or spotlight to stay on your American flag. In other words, the flag pole light should only illuminate your flag and not look flashy on its own.

This is why the best solar flagpole lights are designed with solar panels that are very small and above the light, without any protruding design that will distract a person’s view away from the flag’s aesthetics. There are some cheap flag pole lights that will come with a conventional looking and large solar panel. Though these flag pole lights work just as well as the minimalistic flag pole lights, they look a little clunky and unaesthetic, especially if you are very particular about how your flag looks.

Look only for flag pole lights that use many small photovoltaic cells that are laid out over a very small surface area, to capture energy that will charge many LED lights that will then in turn illuminate the flag.

The top flag pole light made by Deneve, reviewed in this post later, can put out an impressive amount of light that can easily light up at least 60% of the flag in glorious detail.

Battery with high capacity

It is very important that the flagpole light that you choose has a large battery. Look for batteries with capacities of at least 2,000 mAh as only such capacities will be able to light up your flag for a period of at least 10 hours. It is also recommended that you choose flag pole lights that come with more than one rechargeable battery, as one or more batteries will continue to work, even if one fails.

The best flagpole light will have a high number of LED bulbs

A flag needs even lighting to look gorgeous. This is why you must only buy flag pole lights that have at least 20 LED bulbs in them. Having so many lights will mean that your flag is evenly lit up, showing off the stars and stripes, as opposed to just the stars that are close to the flag pole, where the light’s cluster of lamps is usually found.

ImageProduct nameStarsAmazon offerRead review
Solar Flag Pole Flagpole Light by Deneve LED Downlight for Most 15 to 25 Ft Flag Pole for Night Lighting (Standard)★★★★★
GRDE Solar Flag Pole light 30 LED Flagpole Downlight Lighting Night Light for 15 to 25 Ft Top★★★★★
TOTOBAY 30 LED Solar Power Flag Pole Lights, {Upgraded Version} Weatherproof Flagpole Downlight for Most 15 to 25 Ft Auto On/Off Night Lighting- Eco-friendly and Energy-saving★★★★★
Nature Power 22015 Solar Powered Flag Light★★★★★

Easy installation

This is a very important aspect when it comes to choosing the best solar flagpole light. Ease of installation must be very easy. In fact, it shouldn’t require any installation at all. If you read through the solar flag pole light reviews for the bestselling flag pole lights out on Amazon, you will see that installation is as easy as screwing the light onto the top of the flag pole, after removing the flag pole’s butt cap.

Stay away from flag pole lights that require unnecessarily complicated installation, requiring you to bring out tools and such.

Automatic On/Off Sensor

Don’t choose flag pole lights that will require you to run a manual on/off connection so you keep turning on and turning off the light every night and morning. The most popular flag pole lights will have sensors that are capable of knowing when the sun is going down, to turn on the light, and then turn it off, when the sun goes back up.

It is the best way to use renewable energy like solar power. But, please remember that you must turn the flag poles light to ON position before you install it. Otherwise, the light will not automatically go on and off during night and day.

Solar flag pole light reviews: The best flagpole lights on Amazon


Deneve Solar Flag Pole Light: Brightest, Most Powerful, Longest Lasting Light for 15 to 25 Feet Flag Poles

Read through any solar flagpole light review anywhere on the Internet and you will invariably run into the Deneve Solar Flag pole. The company has been around for ages and have clearly made a mark for themselves, manufacturing the highest quality flag pole lights available anywhere in the world.

This is the only flag pole light that has three rechargeable batteries as opposed to just 2 or even 1 battery that you will see on most other flag pole lights.

It uses 20 LED lights with amazing power capable of throwing a large amount of light, beating the competition by a mile.

Installing this flag pole light is incredibly easy. All you have to do is first lower your pole. Then, simply hand turn the ball shaft at the top end of the pole. Now, insert the flag pole light into the open butt cap of your pole and screw it in. Adjust the light’s centering, if need be. Turn on the light to “On” position to enable auto on/off feature that will allow the light to turn on and off, during night and day. Hoist your pole and flag and wait for darkness to see Deneve’s flag pole light gorgeously light up your Stars and Stripes!

What makes Deneve’s flag pole special is that it comes with a combined battery capacity of 4,500 mA which is more than sufficient to last an entire night. Most other flag poles, even the other best solar flagpole light models come with batteries with capacities that can range anywhere from 2,000 mA to 3,000 mA, but never in excess of 3,000 mA. The 4,500 mA battery can light up the flag for up to 18 hours, making it the perfect buy for locations where you don’t see much sun during the day.

This is one product that has some of the best solar flagpole lights reviews on the Internet, with thousands of people appreciating its brightness, ease of installation and most importantly, longevity, even after years of leaving it out to the elements.

If you are going to be using an ornamental shaft for your pole, under the light, just make that it has a minimum length of at least 1.75 inches. As for the width of the hole, it should be 0.5 inches.

Deneve is one company that donates a part of all its profits to a patriotic cause, sending funds to the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund.

So, besides buying what is easily the best flag pole light out there, you will be contributing to a national cause by buying this flag pole light.

Reviewers Rating


Reviewers Rating

GRDE Solar Flag Pole Light with 30 LEDs

If there was one company that has come close to achieving the fame and popularity of Deneve’s flag pole lights, it has to be GRDE with its 30 LED flag pole light. While Deneve only uses 20 LEDs in its flag pole light model, the 30 lights used in GRDE cast an amazing quality and quantity of light on the American flag, making it look absolutely gorgeous at night.

However, when it comes to battery life, this GRDE model only features a 2,200 mA battery which can provide battery life up to 10 hours. If the light receives less than stellar sunlight during the day, it might last less than 10 hours, meaning that the light can possibly die out during the night.

Like the Deneve mode, the GRDE flag pole light features a large collection of photovoltaic cells that do an excellent job of capturing solar energy, with a very minimal and unseen footprint on top of your flag pole.

This light also comes with a carabiner that will allow you to use it other than as just a flag pole light. For instance, you can use the carabiner to hang it up to light a tent or just a small place in your garden, under a gathering of trees. The GRDE model is a bit cheaper than the very popular Deneve model. Most people who choose GRDE over the Deneve model like it for the fact that it is has more LED lights and the fact that it comes with a carabiner that improves the functionality of the light.

Like the Deneve model, the GRDE flag pole light will fit on most 15-25 feet flag poles, with minimal fuss or installation.


Totobay 30 LED Solar Flag Pole Light with Weatherproof Build

Like the GRDE model, the Totobay model features 30 high power LED lights that are charged up by a cluster of 11 solar panels that are neatly tucked away atop the flag pole light. This flag pole light also doesn’t require any installation or tools, with simple hand screwing sufficient to secure it on top of any standard flag pole between 15 and 25 feet.

Like the GRDE model, this has a 2,200 mA battery that is capable of providing 10 hours of uninterrupted solar light, after a full day of sunlight charging. Unlike the other two models, this fits most flagpoles that have a through hole of .55 inches as opposed to .50 inches.

It comes with a little hook or carabiner that will allow you to use this light as a camp light or garden light.

Reviewers Rating


Reviewers Rating

Nature Power 22015 Solar Powered Flag Light

Unlike traditional flag pole lights that are mounted at the top of a flag pole, to shine the light down, this Nature Power model is the best solar flagpole light to use if you want to light your flag from beneath the flag and also at an angle, to maximize flag coverage when it comes to illumination.

It features 4 very bright LED that are built into a coupling bracket that will allow you to slide the light onto any position on the flag pole, to then tighten it. You can then adjust the angel of the fairly large solar panel to capture the most amount of sunlight to power the 4 LED bulbs.

It can provide up to 56 Lumens of light. It can fit on poles that are anywhere from 1’ pole to up to 4’ poles, thanks to the very adjustable brackets. This light works best when you angle the solar charging panel in a southern direction, with a slight eastern inclination.


So, there you have it. A quick rundown on how to choose the best solar flag pole lights. When you know about what features you can look forward to for the money you pay, you can make an informed decision. Solar flag pole light comparison becomes easier and you know whether you are getting your money’s worth. We would still recommend that Deneve is the best flag pole light powered by solar energy. But, the other models mentioned in this post have their advantages as well.

Read through all the solar flagpole lights reviews once again, to then buy the flag pole that will do justice to your American flag, lighting it up in a manner that you can be proud of.

None of these flag pole lights require any kind of maintenance. But, once in a while, you might have to bring them down to clean the solar panels. Wipe off any debris like bird droppings or dried rain or snow to increase the solar panel’s efficiency. You might have to do this only once in a few months though. Please also try to use the solar flag pole light in an area that receives direct sunlight.