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Best Solar Power Banks – Top Chargers reviews in 2017 September 13, 2017
Best Solar Power Banks and Chargers in 2017
  • OUTXE IP67 Waterproof Outdoor Power Bank 16000mAh with Flashlight Rugged Solar Charger
  • 16000mAh
  • Flashlight
  • 1x
    USB Port(s)
  • Ayyie Solar Charger 10,000 mAH Solar Power Bank with 2 LED lights + Compass
  • 10000mAh
  • Flashlight
  • 2x
    USB Port(s)
  • FKANT 15,000 mAH Solar Power Bank with 6 LED Flashlight
  • 15000mAh
  • Flashlight
  • 2x USB Port(s)
  • dizauL 5,000 mAH Solar Power Bank with Waterproof, Dust Proof and Shockproof Build
  • 5000mAh
  • No Flashlight
  • 2x
    USB Port(s)

This is obviously the single most important feature that you must look for when buying a power bank of any kind. The larger the power bank’s battery, the longer and more times it can recharge your phone. For example, a 15,000 mAH battery can recharge
your iPhone 7 about 3 or 4 times, on a single full charge. Solar powered power banks usually have batteries with capacities in the range of 5,000 mAH to about 16,000 mAH, though there are some models with capacities that fall outside that range as well.

Should be chargeable with electricity

As mentioned earlier, the best portable solar charger and power bank combos will be devices that can be charged through a wall socket as well as solar energy. If you want a solar power bank that can primarily use solar energy to charge itself, you can
use a solar charger instead. While a charger powered by solar energy cannot store electricity, it can convert solar energy much more efficiently into chargeable electricity, than a solar power bank. A solar power bank can also be charged with solar energy
but such charging will be used to ideally top of the battery’s capacity when it has lost some charge. For example, if your solar bank loses charge from 100% to 85%, you can use solar energy to top it off to 100% again. But, using solar energy to top it
from 5% charge is going to take a very long time, with not great results.

Should have smart IC charging

In case you didn’t know, every smartphone uses a different circuit for fast charging. This is why phone manufacturers recommend that you use the stock charger for a particular phone. That way, you are ensured it is charging safely and also charging at
the fastest rate possible. Similarly, a solar power bank should have smart IC technology that will allow it to charge your phone using the right protocol, so you get the most of safety and speed charging. Some of the best power bank models that we will
introduce you to will be compatible with all latest smartphones like the iPhone 7, 6 series, the latest Galaxy series, latest LG, Sony, Google and other popular phones.

Rugged build

The best portable solar power bank is one that can be thrown around with having to worry about it breaking or becoming inoperable. It will also generally be waterproof or at least water or rain resistant. Look only for solar banks that are IP67 certified,
along with a dust and shock resistant rating. The build must also include ergonomic design that will allow you to hang the power bank or clip it on to your backpack, so you can position it in such a way that it receives good sunlight. Some of the best
solar battery charger models will have a very secure feel in your hand, using anti-slip rubber grips.

Safety features

Any solar powered charge bank that you will
choose should have FCC, CE and RoHS certification as minimum. You must also look for additional safety features that will help protect the device that you intend to charge the power bank with.  For example, a good solar power bank should have features
that prevent over-charging, over-discharging, and over-heating and be immune to any kind of short circuits.

Add-on functionality

Since you will be using a solar powered power bank outdoors, it helps to have some extra features like a flashlight or compass on your power bank. Some models will come with a high quality LED flashlight that can be a godsend in the dark, when your primary
flashlight breaks or runs out of battery juice. You can also look for models that come with a strobe LED flash light that will allow you to transmit a SOS if you are stuck in an emergency. Now that you know what features you must look for when going through
a feature list or a solar power bank review, we will introduce you to some of the most popular solar power bank chargers out in the market today.

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OUTXE IP67 Waterproof Outdoor 16,000 mAH power bank

Priced at just about the $40 mark, this is a fantastic device that has a huge 16,000 mAH battery. The battery is a Li-Polymer battery.  At that capacity, it can charge a popular phone like the Galaxy S7 or the iPhone 7 almost 4 times, on a single charge.
It provides you with two output 5V ports, one with a max 2.4 A capacity and the other with a 1 A capacity. Solar recharging comes in at 0.22 A, with a conversion rate of about 80% to 90%.The OUTZE lives up to its name with its rugged build. It
is IP67 certified, meaning that it is waterproof. It is also made with a non-slip grip. It comes with a clip that you can use to hang it on your backpack. This solar power bank is completely dust proof and shock-resistant, allowing you to use
it pretty roughly.The power bank also comes with a powerful LED light that can be used in three modes. There is a normal on/off mode, a SOS mode and a strobe mode. That two latter modes will come in handy when you run into emergency situations
and when you want to attract help or attention from fellow campers, hikers or trekkers.This charger’s circuitry is loaded with features that will prevent it from over-charging your phone or other device. It itself won’t over-charge as well. It
is also immune to short circuits and over-heating.With dimensions of 6.54’ into 3.23’ and a thickness of 0.81’, it is a very handy device that weighs in at just over 12 oz.

Ayyie Solar Charger 10,000 mAH Solar Power Bank with 2 LED lights + Compass

When it comes to value for money, this solar powered power bank gives you a lot of bang for your buck. Though the 10,000 mAH battery isn’t as large as what you will see on some other power banks mentioned here, it is easily enough to power your latest
smartphone through at least two charge cycles.This power bank isn’t waterproof but it is very rugged with a water-resistant and dust-proof feature. It is equipped with 2 USB output ports, one of which provides a 5 V 2.1A output with the other
providing a 5 V 1A output. Both output ports are equipped with smart identity technology that will mean that the power bank will use the appropriate charging protocol to charge your device, based on what you connect to it.This power bank is made
with an ABS + Silicone build that feels very sturdy in your hands. It can be hung on your backpack with ease. 2 powerful LED lights give this charger extra utility value. The LED lights can be put in constant mode, SOS mode and in strobe mode.What
is really impressive about this power bank is that it has 5 LED lights that show you the status of the battery’s charge. It will easily allow you to charge your power bank or be wary of how you use the battery, when the battery is running low.

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FKANT 15,000 mAH Solar Power Bank with 6 LED Flashlight

This is a solar charged power bank with probably one of the brightest flashlights in the market, thanks to its 6 LED light feature. The Li-Polymer battery comes with a 15,000 mAH battery. Two output ports are available. A 2 A USB port can be used for
tablets while the 1 A port can be used to charge smartphones. Both output ports are enabled with smart IC technology to identify what is being connected, to then use the appropriate charging protocol recommended for that device.You can easily
tell how much battery the power bank has thanks to its 4 LED battery status lights. The 6 built in LED lights work as a fantastic emergency light while you are out in the wilderness or darkness, with no other light to rely on.Though the device
isn’t waterproof, it is rain proof and shock-proof with a pretty durable build. The solar charging occurs at the rate of about 200-220 mAH an hour, assuming ample sunlight is available. Since it charges at a slow rate, it is recommended that you
only use sunlight to top off the power bank’s charge as opposed to use it to charge from 0% or a low level. This again holds true for all solar powered power banks.


dizauL 5,000 mAH Solar Power Bank with Waterproof, Dust Proof and Shockproof Build

At just under $15, this is one of the cheapest yet very reliable solar power banks out there. Though it features only a 5,000 mAH battery, many backpackers have found the benefit to cost ratio very high, making this a very popular power bank. It doesn’t
feature water-proofing but is water resistant. The ABS + PC construction also makes it shock-proof and dust-proof. It comes with a hook that you can use to hang it on your backpack. The power bank has a fairly small solar panel as the bank
itself has dimensions of only 5.5 inches x 2.9 inches, with a thickness of about half an inch. It is also pretty light at just 150 grams. You must buy this solar powered charger only if you can use electricity or a wall socket as the primary
method to charge the bank. The advantage however is that the charger can achieve full charge in just 6 hours, thanks to the smaller capacity. Then, while you are out, the solar power can top up your bank’s charge from time to time. It features
a small USB LED light that isn’t the brightest, but definitely is something that you can use during an emergency. There are 4 LED dot lights that will tell you how much battery juice the power bank has. One LED light on means 25% charge while
4 lights on means that it is close to 100% charged. A green light indicates that solar power is charging the power bank. This charger has two output ports like most solar powered power banks. However, both the ports are 5 V 1 A ports. Please
note that it doesn’t have a 2.1 A port like the other models mentioned in this post. That is mainly because of the very low price that you pay for this model. The downside of this feature is that devices like tablets will take longer than
usual to charge as this power bank can’t charge such devices at full speeds.

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There you have it, a quick round up of the best solar power bank models out there. Remember, never buy a solar powered bank thinking that you will charge it entirely with solar power. You can only use the sun to top off the power on these banks. Charging them from 0% will take 70 to 80 hours which is the equivalent of almost 10 days out in the sun. On the other hand, if you can charge them to 100% with a wall charger and then use the sun to top it off, you can keep your power bank’s battery juiced up at a very healthy 50% to 80%, at all times, even after charging devices.